Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice: What Should You Do?

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Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice: What Should You Do?

In Unicorn Overlord, you will be asked to make difficult choices in order to advance in your adventure. One of these is the Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice. Deciding what to do with this character will not only allow you to have different rewards, but also to have plot implications that can lead in different directions. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about it.

Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice: Should You Execute or Spare Him?

Once you have faced and defeated Madrin, you will be faced with a decision to make: kill him or spare him, in a very similar way as happens in the case of Gammel. Let's see together what the pros and cons of both options are, so that you can independently choose which path to take in Unicorn Overlord.

Execute Mandrin

The first option you have is to kill Mandrin, or rather, have Ochlys kill Mandrin. This option is very drastic, because it means that this character will no longer be present in the game world and this could have some changes to the plot. However, there is also a positive thing about killing Mandrin, which is that you receive an additional reward.

In a game like Unicorn Overlord, the rewards you get from completing missions are certainly a very useful thing, but is it worth killing a character? Depends. Depending on what you're looking for and need, killing a character might be the easiest way to get something. In any case, here are the rewards you would get if you decided to kill Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord:

  • Bronze Bangle
  • Holy Herb
  • Plaevian Orthodoxy
  • Divine Shards x15
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Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice

Spare Mandrin

In case you don't want to kill a character in cold blood and believe in redemption, you also have the option of sparing this character's life. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to recruit him to your team once you continue with the game, even if we don't yet know exactly how this happens.

As for the rewards you will get by deciding to spare Mandrin's life, they are the same as those we listed previously, except for the Divine Shards which will not be part of them. Consequently, also take this aspect into consideration when making your choice.

For the rest, we can tell you that, whatever your choice, Sharon will still be added to your team, so don't worry about making one choice rather than another to make sure that she is part of the characters you can use in combat. Furthermore, Ochlys can still be added to your party no matter what, even if she won't be happy that you chose to spare Ochlys.

Unicorn Overlord Mandrin Choice: What Should You Do?
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