Unicorn Overlord DLC: Will It Get One?

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Unicorn Overlord DLC: Will It Get One?

This article answers the much-asked question, whether Unicorn Overlord will receive a DLC or not.

Unicorn Overlord is an action RPG title developed by Vanillaware games, and the title opened to mass acclaim and exceptional sales just within a few days of it’s release. The action RPG title with anime artstyle features over 60 charactes ranging from humans to creatures , fulfilling Vanillaware’s 10-year old development vision.

The aim of Vanillaware was to create something around the lines of a classic RPG experience, and the reviews the game has opened up to, surely does mean the developers acheieved their vision of bringing the classic experience to next-gen consoles.h

Unicorn Overlord DLC

No, Unicorn Overlord won't get a DLC anytime soon. According to information from the developers, they spent every last bit in trying to develop their game, causing the team to run out of funds. However, Unicorn Overlord has opened to acclaim and good sales, which might enable the development team to “afford” making a DLC for their game. For now, there is no official information from the developers regarding a DLC for Unicorn Overlord. We will update this article when we receive any info.

Unicorn Overlord released on March 8, and has received extensive acclaim from fans and critics alike, praising its themes of combat and romance. The Vanillaware title is available to play on the Nintendo Switch ,PlaysStation 5, Xbox Series X/S. The game is console-exclusive for now, and will remain as such under an agreement.

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