Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

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Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

Closed BETA gameplay showcased 19+ characters, four lanes and a rail system.

A leak for Valve's 6v6 3rd-person shooter MOBA has supposedly been released ahead of time. And if the reports are true, fans of the genre have much to be excited for.

With the rise of new team-based shooter games (Marvel Rivals, Overwatch 2), it was only a matter of time before a big company like Valve got in on the hype. And it turns out that we won't have to wait for long. Here's everything we know about the leaks.

Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

Reputable leakers over at 404LEAK posted game footage of a game called “Deadlock” on their official X (formerly Twitter) page just a few hours ago. The post claimed to be an unannounced MOBA shooter under Valve. Videos, character abilities and what appear to be official cover art were also included.

The game is currently under development, but the first details are already surfacing.

In an exclusive with Insider Gaming, names of the unreleased Deadlock characters were revealed, including a monkey-pig duo named “Mo & Krill”, and a gargoyle character named “Abrams”. Vague details about their skillset and appearance were mentioned. But now we finally get to see some of them in action.

Whether you believe in the reports or not, Deadlock's heroes look strikingly similar to DOTA 2's graphics-wise.

The gameplay leak showed one of Deadlock's characters gliding along the game's many ziplines. The practice mode instance displayed a basic tutorial checklist on the upper left, and wide, open lanes.

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The footage also peaked into the character selection screen, which showed more characters in the upcoming MOBA. Each champ holds up to four abilities aside from being able to shoot a gun in-game.

Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

Deadlock Character Names (So Far)

  • Abrams
  • Bebop
  • Dynamo
  • Grey Talon
  • Haze
  • Infernus
  • Ivy
  • Kelvin
  • Lady Geist
  • Lash
  • McGinnis
  • Mo & Krill
  • Paradox
  • Pocket
  • Seven
  • Vindicta
  • Warden
  • Wraith
  • Yamato

Here's another look at the Dreadlock map, and what the four-lane map looks like.

Unannounced Valve 6v6 Shooter MOBA Footage Leaked

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