TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 Location and Dates Announced: Tickets on Sale

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TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 Location and Dates Announced: Tickets on Sale

TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 has been announced officially on Twitch’s official Twitter account and tickets are on sale starting today. Here’s everything that we know about TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 so far

TwitchCon 2023 is one of the most anticipated events or conventions of the year because twice every year, Twitch brings all of its viewers and creators together from around the world to come together. The event is held over the course of a few days and it is jam-packed with lots of activities a regular convention would have. Last year, the convention was held in Amsterdam and San Diego in California. 

This year, Twitch decided on two completely new locations for their conventions, both far away from each other. One of the locations chosen was Paris, France where the convention has already been held for 3 days from July 7 to July 9, but fret not! The location for the second TwitchCon has been announced and fans who could not attend the first one are overjoyed to have a second chance. 

TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 details announced along with tickets going on sale

Today, Twitch has officially announced the details for the second live-streaming convention of the year on their official Twitter account. The second Twitch Convention is going to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada which is a classic North American location. Starting today, the tickets are also available for purchase. Here’s the tweet that Twitch posted on their official Twitter account: 

Like every other Twitch Convention held, the Las Vegas TwitchCon is also going to be hosted for a total of 3 days starting on October 20th and ending on October 22nd. It is going to be held in the massive Las Vegas Convention Center in the West Hall and everyone is ecstatic about it. Each day, the convention will begin at 10:00 AM, but the ending times are different based on the activities planned for each day. The activities and programs that will be held at the convention are similar, if not the same as the Paris TwitchCon but with different content creators and streams being present. Here are the timing schedules for each day of the Las Vegas TwitchCon:

  • Day 1 (Friday, October 20th): Badge Pickup at 9:00 AM and the event starts at 10:00 AM. The event will end at 11:00 PM after a series of activities ending with a party.
  • Day 2 (Saturday, October 21st): Badge Pickup at 9:00 AM and the event starts at 10:00 AM. The event will end at 7:00 PM after a series of activities.
  • Day 3 (Sunday, October 22nd): Badge Pickup at 9:00 AM and the event starts at 10:00 AM. The event will end at 6:00 PM after a series of activities.
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The tickets for the convention are available for purchase starting today on TwitchCon’s official website. You can buy the tickets for the Las Vegas TwitchCon on here. Here are the types of tickets that you can purchase for the convention along with their prices:

  • 1-Day Ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday: $149 USD 
  • 3-Day Ticket for Friday to Sunday: $229 USD
  • Party Pass Add On available for both tickets: $100 USD

Meet and Greets with content creators have to be reserved beforehand so that you can meet your favorite streams in person. The Party Pass allows you to have access to an exclusive party with all your favorite creators on the first day of the convention, but you have to be at least 18 years of age or older. Twitch has even arranged for hotel locations for all the people attending the convention for however long they want. They have partnered with CHP to allow their guests to have a secure and safe hotel reservation process and stay. 

TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023

Credit: TwitchCon

Needless to say, this convention is going to be fantastic and so far, all the activities seem to be engaging. They are giving their audience exactly what they want with the activities planned and making sure to provide the best experience. Hence, go on TwitchCon’s official website and book your ticket for TwitchCon Las Vegas 2023 today! We’ll make sure to keep you updated with further news that we learn about TwitchCon, good luck!