Twitch Star xQc Joins Kick in $100 Million Deal, Will Still Stream on Twitch

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Twitch Star xQc Joins Kick in $100 Million Deal, Will Still Stream on Twitch

One of Twitch's poster boy streamers, xQc Joins Kick in a landmark two-year deal. Though the deal is not exclusive meaning xQc is able to stream on Twitch.

Félix “xQc ” Lengyel, is making a move to Twitch's main rival Kick, in a move sure to shock the platforms. First reported by the NYtimes, and later confirmed by Kick, xQC will move over to Kick amid tension on the streaming platform giant. Crucially, xQc will not be exclusively on Kick, though he will spend a lot more time on the platform. He'll primarily produce content for Kick, though YouTube and TikTok will also receive content from xQc. Twitch will still have xQc streaming on the platform. However, Kick will become xQc's primary platform.

Will Kick is still tiny compared to Twitch; the platform is slowly starting to flex its muscles. Backed by and Easygo Gaming, Kick is certainly looking to capitalize on Twitch continuing to shoot itself in the foot. While this move won't be the nail in the coffin for Twitch just yet, Kick only brings in a tiny fraction of Twitch's 31 million daily viewers. This is another big move for Kick as it looks to gain a place in the streaming market. As we've seen with other platforms, however, is it sustainable at all in the long-term?

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Twitch recently faced even more backlash from users and streamers, as its recent policy change threw thousands of streamers under the bus as they looked cut down on external sponsorship deals. This came ahead of Twitch looking to offer something similar in-house, though likely with a much worse cut for those streaming on the platform. As of now, Twitch still only offers a 50/50 split to 99% of people on the platform, the lowest of any of the major streaming sites.

xQc Joins Kick

For the next two years at least, xQc will stream from, in a deal worth initially 70m, which could rise to 100m with incentives. For some context, Real Madrid just signed Jude Bellingham for about that much money. The news comes just a day after Twitch confirmed that it would be rolling out a 70/30 split for its very top streamers. A change that comes with some serious caviats such as requiring 350 active subscribers, excluding those gifted or via Twitch Prime. Kick, on the other hand, offers their streamers a 95/5 split, and is even about to offer up smaller streamers an hourly rate to stream on its platform, again, no doubt, with a few caveats. Though, early rumours suggest it could be around $16 an hour initially.

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In a statement, Ryan Morrison, xQc's agent, had this to say:

“This is more than most professional athletes and megastars. This is one of the highest deals in entertainment, period.”

xQc added to this:

“Kick is allowing me to try and do things I haven’t been able to before. I’m extremely excited to take this opportunity and maximize it into new creative and fresh ideas over the coming years.”