Twitch Partners With FIBA — Now Streaming Basketball

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Twitch Partners With FIBA — Now Streaming Basketball

Twitch and The International Basketball Federation came to agreement and signed a multi-year partnership deal.

According to Reuters, Twitch will now broadcast basketball matches, which is a big step ahead for the streaming platform.

FIBA plans to share 600 hours of content to broadcast on Twitch yearly. The Federation will also give fans and media personalities access to official content to create their own content.

“It is not a platform like YouTube where you just stream your games and people consume”. Said Frank Leenders, Director General of FIBA Media and Marketing Services. “You have to use the specificity of Twitch which means you have to invest in interactivity and co-streamers who are very important influencers on the platform”.

The amount and terms of the deal are unknown, but FIBA confirmed they will spend part of the money from the deal on content production.

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