Twitch to Launch Discovery Feed and Stories

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Twitch to Launch Discovery Feed and Stories

Riding the wave of TikTok’s short-form content approach, Twitch is set to bring a Discovery Feed with short clips taken from streams

Twitch, Amazon’s live broadcasting platform, has announced the arrival of a TikTok-like Discovery Feed at TwitchCon Paris. The Discovery Feed, according to the presented demonstration, looks like a scrollable feed in Twitch’s application that will show users personalized clips taken from streams. 

“If a scrollable feed of bite-sized funny, hype, heartfelt moments sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the year 2023, and you want to have fun.” – the spokesperson for Twitch stated in the announcement. 

In a Twitter statement, Twitch clarified that the clips are a way to drive more people to a stream rather than generating views from the clips themselves. “Instead of just getting viewers to watch more Clips, we want them to watch more streamers. We’ll choose Clips based on how likely they are to bring new viewers to channels.” Creators will have control over these clips, with options to delete them or have some as “Featured Clips.”

‘Stories’ is also another feature that’s not a new concept in social media platforms, with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, among others, having the short, daily content upload option for users and creators alike. 

More about Discovery Feed

Users of Twitch’s application will be able to use the Discovery Feed to see short-form videos taken from streams, with both like and dislike buttons. The clips will accompany the streamers’ profiles and let viewers know when they are live while watching the feed, driving traffic from the feed to live streams.

The viewers of a stream clip these short videos, and the streamer can control who can make these clips.

Twitch to Launch Discovery Feed and Stories
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