Twitch Bans “Hot Tub” From Official Channel Chat

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Twitch Bans “Hot Tub” From Official Channel Chat

The platform claims that the phrase conflicts with its moderation settings.

The success of many streamers with the use of “hot tub streams” has been doused somewhat by Twitch’s ban on the phrase in its chat for the official channel. This has generated comments both from those who say that the ban violated freedom of speech on a public access platform and from those who agree that Twitch was justified for curbing racy discussions that the phrase encouraged. Some users also commented that Twitch was avoiding much-needed debate on the issue.

A screenshot of Twitch user JitterOS receiving an error message for posting "hot tub streamers?" in chat.

Reddit user JitterOS started the alarm by posting a screenshot of a message that Twitch sent. They tried to use the simple phrase “hot tub streamers” during the May 14 Public Access Broadcast. However, a message appeared, saying their comment wasn't posted in chat. The pop-up message cited their message’s violation of Twitch’s moderation settings. There was no indication of any punishment against JitterOS aside from their message being refused.

Since then, it seems as though Twitch may have changed its settings. Many have reported that they can indeed post the phrase in the channel's chat. So, it may have been a temporary action taken or was changed in response to a flurry of comments in light of the discovery.

Another phrase to the list

So what words does Twitch disallow? The platform’s guidelines tell us that streamers who use discriminatory speech, threaten to harm themselves or others, or generally harass others may be banned. Twitch has zero tolerance for violent threats. You also cannot divulge another’s personal information which could place people in danger from deranged fans or malicious persons. You are also prohibited from impersonating Twitch staff, which could allow you to scam or defraud others.

As of December 16, 2020, the words “virgin,” “simp” and “incel” have been forbidden on the platform. There are also variances of racial and homophobic slurs that can land streamers in hot water. Streamers may also be banned for abusing people based on their medical condition and disabilities. This extends to physical characteristics, age or even veteran status too.

All this shows us that Twitch desires to make the channel a safe place not only for the large number of young people who stream or view streams on the platform but for everybody and anybody who decide to use it. Though, in this latest case, there might be more to it than that.

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