Twitch Announces Several New Features at TwitchCon Paris

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Twitch Announces Several New Features at TwitchCon Paris

Better control over ads, a Discover Feed, stories, Stream Together and more changes/features are coming to Twitch 

Along with several changes to ads, Twitch is bringing new features to the platform, including a TikTok/Instagram-style Discovery Reel. The live-streaming platform announced these features at TwitchCon 2023, being held in Paris, also elaborating more on Twitter. 

Among the new updates coming to Twitch, these seem to be the most significant –

Chat Countdown Timer Will Snooze Ads

The Chat Countdown Timer is a feature that will give Twitch streamers more control over the ads running during their live streams. With this update, a countdown will be shown on chat for an upcoming ad. After seeing the countdown, the streamer will be able to snooze the countdown to run the ad later, which will help viewers avoid ads during important moments. 

Twitch content creators can also use the Chat Countdown Timer to run an ad before the countdown ends. 

Clip Editor to Allow Direct Uploads to TikTok

Twitch creators will be able to give their video editors access to their channel’s clip editor, where the editors can create short clips to upload to places like YouTube Shorts. Additionally, Twitch will allow direct uploads to TikTok from August 2023. 

Twitch’s Own Discovery Feed

Similar to TikTok’s For You page, Twitch is bringing a feed of clips in vertical resolution for application users called Discovery Feed. The feed will feature clips taken from streams, allowing viewers to directly visit a streamer’s live broadcast or channel. 

“Instead of just getting viewers to watch more Clips, we want them to watch more streamers. We’ll choose Clips based on how likely they are to bring new viewers to channels.” – Twitch explained in a Twitter thread.

Twitch Stories

Following another social media feature, Twitch will bring stories to the platform. Creators can control who can view their stories, choosing between followers or strictly subscribers. Stories have been the bread and butter in some of the top social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. 

TwitchCon Paris 2023

Credit: Twitch

Stream Together Feature With Multiple Streamers

Twitch’s Guest Star feature was announced to make interviews, talent shows and several creative ideas easier that require multiple streamers in the same live stream. This feature is seeing updates as it can now allow up to 5 streamers to “join forces, all while live from their own channels.”

The update will be rolling out in August for selected creators and should be available for the rest in the following month.

Twitch Announces Several New Features at TwitchCon Paris
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