TSM’s Brazilian Wild Rift Roster Fined $1260 For Abusive Behavior During Wild Tour Finals

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TSM’s Brazilian Wild Rift Roster Fined $1260 For Abusive Behavior During Wild Tour Finals

TSM will still represent Brazil in the Wild Rift Horizon Cup, the first-ever global tournament of the game.

TSM's Brazilian Wild Rift roster lifted the trophy after winning the League of Legends: Wild Rift Wild Tour Finals, qualifying for the Horizon Cup. However, during the celebrations on stage, it was observed that assistant coach, Pedro ‘Anak’ Ribeiro, made an offensive gesture violating the code of conduct of Wild Tour.

According to Riot's rules and regulations, this violates rules 16.11 (Disruptive Behavior/Insults) and 16.12 (Abusive Behavior); this type of behavior isn't accepted from any team members or organizations. And Riot's ruling shows it won't be tolerated.

TSM was fined R$ 7,000.00 (seven thousand reais), around $1260 USD for Anak's inappropriate behavior. In addition, Anak was handed a suspension of two days from the official Wild Rift competition.

Here's the complete rules that were violated:

  • 16.11 Disruptive Behavior/Insults – The team member may not take any action or perform any gesture or incite any individual to do the same that is directed to the opposing team in an insulting, mocking, or disturbing nature.
  • 16.12 Abusive Behavior – Abuse of league administration, team members, or audience members will not be tolerated. Repetitions in these violations include, but are not limited to, touching another player's computer, body, or property, and will result in punishment. Team members and their guests (if any) should treat all individuals who attend a match with respect.
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TSM will still represent Brazil in the first ever Global Lan for Wild Rift. Set to be held in Singapore from November 13. Ten teams from different regions will compete.

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