Top Three Twitch Counters in League of Legends

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Top Three Twitch Counters in League of Legends

Do you need help laning against Twitch in League of Legends? Don't worry—here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Twitch is one of the most frustrating champions to play against in League of Legends. This is because he has great roaming potential thanks to his Q, which allows him to be invisible unless you have a sweeper ward.

On top of that, Twitch’s ultimate can take down an entire team in a few auto attacks. So the question is, how do you stop him? This article breaks down the three biggest Twitch counters in League of Legends right now.

Best Twitch Counters in LoL


Star Guardian Nilah Splash Art

Nilah is a great option into Twitch, as you can punish him early before his ultimate comes online. Have your support get an early sweeper so that you can detect if he is trying to all-in when he goes invisible. Nilahs power spike comes at level three, and most ADC players will get caught off guard by how much damage he does.

Keep the wave close to your turret; it makes it very hard for Twitch to go for any plays if you are underneath your tower. Nilah scales well into the mid-game, so make sure if Twitch decides to roam, you are picking up maximum CS and XP to take advantage of Twitch trying to get easy kills onto your laners. With proper warding and setup, Twitch cannot roam without being spotted immediately.

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Kog’Maw is a great counter to Twitch and is picked quite frequently. Kog’Maw has the tools to go toe-to-toe with him due to his range and poke advantage. Twitch will look to play high up and in your face, so make sure the wave is close to your tower, as you can still poke him from range with your ultimate while he will not be able to touch you without receiving big damage in return. Don’t be baited by the support standing in the lane alone. This often means Twitch has used his Q to go invisible.


Samira is one of the best counters to Twitch in League of Legends. Twitch will always look in your face, and this is where Samira thrives, as her passive does a lot of damage even in the early stages of the game. Samira's W blocks incoming attacks, so look to use this when he goes to throw out his W. You won’t be able to be engaged by any hard crowd control. If you do find yourself in a position where Twitch uses his ultimate on you, use your W to block the first part of his ultimate, you should be healthy enough to escape.

Worst Champion To Pick Into Twitch In League of Legends

Ezreal is one of the worst champions to play on Twitch in League of Legends on patch 14.8. Twitch is a very immobile champion, but can easily deal more damage than Ezreal if he catches him out of position. Ezreal does have burst potential once he has items, but it will be difficult for him to kill Twitch in a straight 1v1 if Ezreal is caught out by Twitch using his Q on him.

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Twitch’s ultimate will be too fast for Ezreal and will have to flash away if the player thinks they can escape because Twitch’s abilities give him more range than players would think. As long as Twitch has flash up, there is nothing Ezreal can do against him. If Ezreal has his ultimate available, keep your flash. As you will be able to flash away from him and attack him from another angle while he is channeling his ultimate.

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According to Mobalytics, here are the best champions to play with Twitch in League of Legends on patch 14.7. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Twisted Fate
  • Braum
  • Poppy

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