Top 5 Headsets for Valorant – According to Pros

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Top 5 Headsets for Valorant – According to Pros

Never miss another sound cue on Valorant with these impressive headsets

Top 5 Headsets for Valorant – According to Pros

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The ubiquitous phrase “How did they even detect my presence?” resonates within the spaces of gaming servers worldwide, leaving players perplexed and yearning for an explanation. Yet, the solution to this enigma is surprisingly straightforward: audio. It's either that or illegal play, but what's important is that a decent audio setup may assist you in hitting arguably impossible goals.

Utilising a headset with an excellent soundstage that can precisely show where sounds originate from can assist you in figuring out when to start firing if, for instance, a target is coming around a corner, preventing those “they began firing before I turned the corner!” moments. Audio is an advantageous way to gather information, but you won't want to use your speakers while wandering around in a game with numerous one-hit-kill situations.

We have outlined what the experts use to assist you in the hunt for a new gaming headset. In this list, we will briefly describe the characteristics of every item so that you are well informed when the time comes to click “add to cart.”

Qualities to Look for in a Headset

You'll need a headset that accurately portrays the sound source and, more crucially, has good sound quality. After that, though, the decision comes down to (the equally crucial) individual taste and ease of use. Those who take gaming seriously will spend many hours per week with their headsets on their heads, so they should be comfortable and easy to use.

People frequently compare and contrast headsets and headphones with an external mic in online communities. Both are worthwhile options; therefore, choosing a victor is hard. One major perk of using a headset is the convenience of portability brought about by the mic's integration with the headphones.

The built-in microphone is an area where low- to mid-priced gaming headsets tend to skimp, so opting for headphones plus an external mic lets you choose the most suitable set of headphones for you and also go for a high-quality microphone. A broadcast-quality microphone is unnecessary if you plan on exclusively using it for gaming. Still, it is recommended if you make frequent voice calls or intend to do occasional streaming on the side.

In any event, it stands to reason that the vast majority of VALORANT professionals make use of headsets. It gives them a convenient option to bring to competitions and training facilities, and if they want to stream on the side, they can utilise a headset and a separate mic. We also advise using a headset, as it is more practical, and, once again, speech quality could be more vital while gaming.

Top 5 Headsets for Valorant

HyperX Cloud II

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Referring to a headset as “legendary” may seem strange, but HyperX's Cloud series earns that description. The initial Cloud became one of the most incredible value-for-money headsets very fast, and its replacement, the Cloud II, continued happily along the same path.

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All you'll receive when you purchase the Cloud II is a headset built to last, has plush cushioning, and has no overtly pushy “Gamer” aesthetic elements unless you choose a team-branded model.

You receive a no-frills headset that can withstand multiple harsh LAN travels thanks to its sturdy design, respectable mic, respectable sound quality, respectable audio stage, and cosy feel. However, this product is not for you if you enjoy fiddling with equalisation settings and making new presets for each game you play. This is your best bet if you want a high-quality, hassle-free headset that will work right out of the box.

The Cloud II has a long history of success in the market.

Logitech G Pro X Headset

image003 6

Credit: Tom’s Hardware

The G Pro collection by Logitech is well-liked by competitive and professional gamers since it caters to their needs. This means no flashy RGB lighting or other unnecessary design features and an unwavering commitment to maximising functionality. The G Pro X headset is the improved sequel to the earlier G Pro Gaming Headset (there are additional G Pro X devices. Therefore, it's common to mention what kind of peripheral is being discussed).

Its improved durability is a welcome change, but that's not all. For instance, the G Pro X has a microphone system called BLUE VO!CE. This adds compression and improves sound quality while cutting down on ambient noise. To put it another way, it improves your voice's quality. With such a wide variety of settings, you can make your microphone sound just right for you, your friends, and your colleagues.

In addition to the high-quality DTS HEADPHONE:X 2.0 surround sound system, this headset features a set of predefined EQ settings developed in collaboration with professional esports players. That's the icing on the cake for what is otherwise a very high-quality headset. Because of the memory cushion padding, you may wear the G Pro X for long periods while gaming without experiencing any discomfort.

The G Pro X is a tremendous update over the original G Pro Gaming Headset. Logitech deserves praise for delivering such a high-quality product to the gaming community.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

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Credit: Razer

Razer's headsets were originally not well-received by competitive gamers. This could be because Razer had so many headset lines operating at once. However, the BlackShark headset silo has shifted things. 

If you're looking for a no-fuss wireless gaming headset, look no further than Razer's excellent BlackShark V2 Pro. In addition to a high-quality microphone, this wireless headset also features a reliable connection. This is the wireless headset to acquire if you want a Razer product explicitly designed for (competitive) gaming.

Logitech G Pro X Wireless Headset

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Credit: IGN

The Logitech G Pro X Wireless headset is a remarkable addition to the gaming audio, boasting a striking resemblance to its wired counterpart in design and features. However, the differentiating factor lies in the microphone, setting it apart from its wired sibling. Regarding microphone performance, the wired version truly shines above its wireless counterpart.

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If you prioritise crystal-clear audio capture, opting for the wired version or considering an external microphone would be the optimal choice. The G Pro X Wireless Headset offers gamers the unparalleled advantage of Logitech's impeccable LIGHTSPEED communication. This cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless, lag-free wireless experience, eliminating pesky failures or interruptions. 

If the allure of wireless connectivity beckons to your gaming heart, then look no further, for this is the headset that shall satiate your desires. However, should wireless freedom not sway much over your enjoyment of gaming, consider the wired G Pro X the superior choice.


HyperX Cloud Alpha

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Credit: Digital Trends

In addition to the immensely popular Cloud II, HyperX boasts an extensive lineup of Cloud headsets that will captivate gaming enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, the Cloud II stands tall as the reigning champion of the illustrious lineup, etching its name in the annals of gaming greatness. However, let us not overlook the Alpha, for it, too, has carved its path to prominence, amassing a legion of devoted followers throughout the years. 

When pitting the Cloud II against the Alpha, it becomes evident that the latter boasts superior audio fidelity and a marginally enhanced microphone. However, the Cloud II may hold an advantage in terms of overall comfort. What truly sets this product apart is its inclusion of an extra set of velour ear cups, a feature that is notably absent in the Alpha model. 

In addition, the disparities between the two are minuscule, so much so that many (including ourselves) would deem the Alpha a worthy heir to the esteemed Cloud II. It's worth mentioning that the Alpha lacks the immersive experience of virtual surround sound, a feature that the II proudly boasts.

Closing Thoughts

For an epic gaming experience akin to the adrenaline-fueled battles of VALORANT, one must seek a headset that refrains from succumbing to the allure of cinematic elegance by excessively amplifying the bass frequencies. 

Amid an intense firefight, one must remain vigilant, for the auditory cues of a reloading or defusing adversary can sway the tides of victory or defeat. These crucial sounds must be kept from being overshadowed or silenced, as they can alter the outcome of a round in a game-changing manner. 

In your quest for the ultimate gaming experience, you must equip yourself with an audio solution with the uncanny ability to faithfully reproduce the precise directionality of in-game sounds relative to your position.

The article showcases an impressive array of exceptional headsets for this particular game. The ultimate decision on which to acquire rests upon many factors, including financial constraints and personal inclinations. Fortunately, these five exceptional headsets each possess distinct qualities that elevate them above the competition. Consequently, this comprehensive compilation serves as a reference for individuals seeking to make an informed choice on their next gaming audio companion.

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Top 5 Headsets for Valorant – According to Pros
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