Top 10 Things To Know Before You Start Return To Moria

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Top 10 Things To Know Before You Start Return To Moria

Here are the top 10 things to know before you start Return to Moria. Follow these tips to effectively conquer and reclaim Moria efficiently!

Return to Moria unfolds in the ancient Dwarven kingdom of Khazad-dûm, part of the Middle-earth universe after the events of The Lord of the Rings. You will join Durin's Folk, aiming to reclaim Moria from the encroaching forces of darkness.

Moria presents a vast and hazardous world filled with enemies, traps, and environmental dangers. Survival and exploration require a combination of skill and resourcefulness. So today we bring you a few tips and tricks to know before you start Return To Moria. Follow these and become the best survivor out there!

Top 10 Tips to Know Before You Start Return To Moria

Here are the top tips that will help you master your gameplay in Return to Moria:

#1. Build A Basic Shelter.

Survival in Return to Moria requires a shelter for resource storage, protection, and rest. A basic shelter, like a hole covered with branches, offers elemental safety but lacks durability. For a sturdier option, a shelter made of wood and stone provides increased protection, though it requires more construction time.

Select a shelter location in close proximity to vital resources like food and water, safety from potential threats. Make sure it is on a flat, well-drained site for comfort. To build, clear the area, dig a hole, or construct a framework. Employ robust materials and construction methods for a wood and stone shelter.

Top 10 Things To Know Before You Start Return To Moria
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#2. Resource Management

Crafting plays a pivotal role in Return to Moria. You can create tools and weapons essential for gathering resources, combat and exploration in the game's diverse terrains. Different resources hold unique qualities, necessitating strategic utilization in crafting.

A crucial tip involves thorough collection of all resources, excluding basic stones, as shortages of crucial items can hinder progress. Slowing down during exploration to gather resources is advised, especially when playing with friends who can help share the workload.

An early crafting priority is the construction of an oven, requiring three copper, 20 stone, 25 wood scraps, and five coal. This essential tool enables the creation of portable rations, offering healing benefits throughout your adventures.

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#3. Getting the Right Tools & Weapons.

Having the right tools and weapons gives you a competitive edge for thriving in Return to Moria. In the game, a variety of tools are available, from fundamental pickaxes, hammers, and knives for resource collection. For defense you have more advanced weapons like swords, axes, and bows, ideal for overcoming stronger foes. 

Crafting these tools and weapons from materials such as wood, stone, metal, and bone directly influences their quality and effectiveness. Upgrading gear regularly is crucial, especially when facing enemies with different tier ratings. Ensuring your equipment matches or surpasses these ratings is fundamental for success in battles. 

#4: Keep Supplies and Mapstones

When venturing out, ensure you pack various essential supplies such as food, water, tools, weapons, and necessary resources for your expedition. Carrying ample food, water, tools tailored to your task, preferred weapons, and additional resources like bandages, torches, and crafting materials is crucial for survival during exploration.

Mapstones in Return to Moria serve as vital travel points facilitating fast movement across the world. Activating these stones using a Black Diamond permits quick travel between activated mapstones. Effectively employing mapstones involves promptly activating them upon discovery, utilizing them for swift base visits for gear repair or healing. 

#5: Use Shields

Crafting and implementing shields significantly fortifies your defense and lessens the impact of incoming damage during combat scenarios. A well-crafted shield serves as a potent tool, substantially reducing the threat of being taken down.

In Return to Moria, an array of shields is available, each possessing distinct characteristics. Shields crafted from wood, metal, or bone offer varied attributes, influencing their durability and damage resistance. The material chosen significantly impacts the shield's sturdiness and effectiveness in combat.

Another crucial factor is the shield's size. Larger shields provide extensive coverage, yet their bulkiness makes them slower to maneuver. In contrast, smaller shields offer faster movement but cover less area.

#6. Use the environment to your advantage.

Understanding and leveraging the environment in Return to Moria is pivotal, as it can serve as both a powerful ally and a formidable adversary. Being aware of your surroundings and effectively utilizing the environment can greatly impact your success. One approach involves luring adversaries into narrow passages, setting the stage for easier attacks. 

Planning your attack will make it more challenging for enemies to strike back. Additionally, the environment can be manipulated to create chokepoints, allowing you to regulate the battlefield's dynamics. Blocking off doorways with obstructions like rocks can restrict enemy approaches, directing attacks from a singular direction.

Moreover, strategically placing traps within the environment is a tactical advantage. Setting pitfalls in paths commonly traversed by enemies can inflict damage or impede their movements, giving you the upper hand in confrontations. Utilizing these strategies effectively allows you to harness the environment in your favor, shaping engagements to your advantage.

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#7. Be aware of your stamina.

Stamina serves as a crucial resource for various actions within the game, including running, jumping, and combat. Maintaining an awareness of your stamina levels is vital to prevent overexertion during intense moments.

Running out of stamina can significantly impact your ability to perform certain crucial actions such as attacking or evading. Depletion leaves you more susceptible to enemy attacks, potentially putting you in a precarious position. Strategic use of stamina is key. 

Try to avoid constant sprinting and save stamina for critical situations, like confronting adversaries or escaping imminent danger. Taking intermittent breaks during movements can aid in the recovery of stamina. Additionally, utilizing food and drinks within the game can effectively restore depleted stamina, ensuring you stay prepared for challenging situations.

#8. Heal With Food 

Food is vital for survival in Return to Moria, playing a role in both healing and stamina restoration. Food can be prepared in the hearth or consumed raw, while drinks are obtainable in the world or crafted from water and additional ingredients.

For efficient use of food, consider cooking food for increased nutrition and better healing effects. Consume food regularly rather than waiting until health is low, and ensure adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

#9. Don't be afraid to experiment.

There is no one right way to play Return to Moria. Experiment with different strategies and find what works best for you. You can try different builds, different weapons, and different playstyles. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. The best way to learn is by trial and error.

#10. Be prepared to die.

Playing Return to Moria involves a learning curve, and it's common to face demise initially. Embrace it as part of the learning process and persist in your attempts. To prepare for death, maintain spare tools and weapons to avoid starting anew upon demise. 

Safeguard valuable possessions in a secure location, such as a shelter chest or a hidden spot. Remain cautious of hazardous zones and don't hesitate to withdraw from unequal battles to avoid unfavorable outcomes.

Let’s Reclaim Moria The Right Way!

So, that sums up the 10 tips to know before you start Return to Moria. While these tips might seem straightforward, they have the potential to save you a considerable amount of time and effort. Follow these tips and help the Dwarvens conquer Moria !

Top 10 Things To Know Before You Start Return To Moria
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