Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements

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Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements

Let’s dig in to top 10 No Man’s Sky mods to enhance your expeditions through the endless universe

No Man's Sky (NMS) is one of the most expansive open-world games ever made and combines exploration with survival gameplay. Gamers can explore the unknown, come into contact with various species, and learn to survive on one of the hundreds of planets that each have their own intricacies. 

Mods are the ideal way to go beyond what the vanilla game offers despite criticism for procedural generation limits (the game uses this to produce elements like planets). Here we will be taking a look at some of the top No Man's Sky mods that will immerse you totally and provide you hours of entertainment.

Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods

Let’s dive straight in to our list of top 10 No Man’s Sky mods to give your space exploration brand new layers  – 

10. Faster Analysis

Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements
Credit: No Man's Sky Wiki
  • Allows your analysis visor to scan everything faster.

Do you think the analysis visor takes longer to perform scans than it should? So do we!

You will be glad to see the new and improved analysis visor because it is now a lot faster than it was. Technology helps you save time, and the upgraded visor's quick analysis helps you save time with faster analysis.

9. Trainer Plus 27

  • Grants access to 27 functions such as infinite shield, infinite health etc.

Every mod list should have a trainer mod, and this one is no exception. With the use of the Trainer Plus 27 mod, players can have a limitless shield, infinite health, an infinite supply of weapons and ammo, and whatever else they can imagine. These trainer mods make the game significantly more entertaining for a while, even if the difficulty level is too low. In prime Grand Theft Auto fashion, fly across the worlds and cause mayhem.

8. Hard Start

  • Makes your ship irreparable
  • You will also need to download Start No Tuto, a mod that removes the tutorial mission, in order for this one to run.

This mod is mostly advised for the veterans out there. With this mod, your ship won't be repairable when you first begin the game, forcing you to find another means to leave the planet. This means that while you fight to survive and discover a way to leave, your ship will only act as a temporary home.

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This mod also makes your standard multi-tool less useful than it was before, which makes things even harder. If you haven't played the game for a while, we wouldn't suggest this mod, but if you enjoy suffering, go for it!

7. Deep Space

  • Reduces the noise in the sky
  • Reduces landscape fog for clear dark skies 
  • Increases cloud textures, very dark space, and more

NMS is best known for its highly stylized graphics, which give the game a vintage sci-fi feel by making items and surroundings appear oversaturated. However, after investing hundreds of hours in the game, you could start to yearn for a display that feels more natural and isn't so starkly contrasted.

The Deep Space mod is an extensive graphical overhaul designed to tone down NMS's vivid universe. It lessens the saturation of the entire game and gives nebulae, clouds, and fog a more subdued, natural appearance. Additionally, it reduces the amount of rim lighting on plants and animals, which makes settings seem less chaotic and distracting.

6. No Teleporter 

Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements
Credit: allmods
  • Base and station teleporters only allow saving now and you must travel by spaceship

Although teleporters are a wonderful way to planet jump and save time when achieving your goals, using them removes the immersion factor. No Teleporter is a mod that turns all teleporters in the game into save points so that players can travel to planets and complete their goals by using their spaceship instead of teleportation. Players can now experience traveling inside the game, increasing the immersion.

5. Better Planet Generation 

  • A huge planet generation overhaul

If you want to relive the sensation of discovery that comes with discovering a geographically unique world, consider installing the Better Planet Generation mod. This patch makes logical improvements to the scale and diversity of items found on planets. It does this by leveraging specific data tables. 

While this does increase the randomness of planet generation a little, the technique used by the mod enables similar animals, plants, and rocks to spawn in big clusters. This results in worlds with different biomes and distinctive environmental dangers. 

4. Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building

  • Allows you to place any object anywhere

When constructing a base, the game will occasionally refuse to allow you to place items where you desire, which can demolish your entire plan. For those that wish to get creative, Exosolar's Beyond Base Building significantly improves base building, giving players complete control over how to employ the more than 1,000 buildable base components that have been included by this mod. 

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You can now build the base of your dreams using this mod and impress all of your friends! 

3. Low Flight 

  • Lets you fly as low to the ground as you want and be able to look in any direction

The flying limitations in No Mans Sky restrict gamers from flying their spacecraft close to the ground. The spacecraft can’t go downwards or hover near the ground, which can be quite a hassle.

However, Just  like the name suggests, this mod allows you to fly as close to the ground as you please, so you can now zoom over the planets you find. You can even go underwater or hover around while enjoying the views and the landscape. It is one of the greatest mods in the game for adventurers out there.

2. Fast Actions 

Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements
Credit: Nexus Mods
  • Faster clicks

One of the most annoying aspects of playing NMS is interacting with an object or NPC and having to hold down the action button for an unnecessarily long period. 

But with the Fast Actions mod installed, players no longer have to hold the click for a second longer to perform an action, but a single click is more than enough. The clicks are applicable on menu selection, entering ship, gathering small plants, and more.

1. Reduced Launch Costs

  • Lowers launch cost to 10%/5%/0 according to choice.

It takes a hell of a lot of resources to generate enough fuel for a launch. Resource collection can take a lot of time which you can put to good use if only there was a way to reduce the launch cost. Luckily for you, the reduced launch cost mod is an adventurer’s halo.

The mod brings the launch cost down to a tenth. There are three versions of it. You can either eliminate the launch cost completely, bring it down to 5% or have it stay at 10%. Many might prefer to keep a bit challenging and stick to 10%. However, 0% can have you traveling to planets and making a mockery of SpaceX.

Final Thoughts: Endless Exploration

No Man’s Sky has kept building its fanbase with thought-through updates and exciting mods. Go check these mods out to further add to this incredibly immersive adventure!


Top 10 No Man’s Sky Mods: Cosmic Gameplay Enhancements
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