Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

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Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Can’t get enough of the new Slavic Magic hit? Here are 10 more games like Manor Lords to explore

Credit: Slavic Magic

Manor Lords has mesmerized city-builders with its immersive medieval setting and unparalleled freedom. While it's currently in early access, its potential is undeniable. To hold you over until Manor Lords is fully polished, here are ten other compelling fiefdoms to explore in the meantime. Check out our list of top 10 games like Manor Lords. 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords 

Here are 10 citybuilder games like Manor Lords that you can play while waiting for the Manor Lords full release:

10. Farthest Frontier

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Crate Entertainment

Sharing a similar DNA with Manor Lords, Farthest Frontier offers a seasoned medieval city-building experience. It's been in Early Access, evolving from a rough gem to a deeply engaging sandbox with hundreds of hours of gameplay. While some UI elements haven't caught up to its younger sibling, Farthest Frontier sets itself apart with the unique ability to defend your city in tactical battles, adding another layer of strategic depth.

Building and maintaining a settlement rests on familiar pillars: gathering wood for construction, providing shelter for your population, ensuring a steady food supply, and defending against the local wildlife like wolves and bears. So, you will feel right at home here after playing Manor Lords.

9. Humankind 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Amplitude Studios

Even though it can be compared with games like Manor Lords, Humankind shines as a 4X empire-builder, not a city-builder.  Its core gameplay revolves around grand strategy and shaping your civilization across vast eras. The defining feature is the constant evolution of your empire through “Cultures.” Each era allows you to choose a new historical culture, fundamentally changing your strengths, units, and gameplay approach. This diverse cultural tapestry allows you to transform your nation from a conquering force to a scientific powerhouse, all while spanning the journey from ancient times to the modern age.

8. Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Mindillusion

Life is Feudal is a deeply intricate city-builder mirroring the complexity of Manor Lords. It offers unparalleled micromanagement, allowing you to directly control your townspeople for ultimate precision. However, be prepared for a challenge: optimization struggles with large populations, potentially pushing your PC to its limits. Despite this, Forest Village's depth and micromanagement focus will enthrall those seeking a truly hardcore city-building experience, offering a gameplay style reminiscent of Manor Lords.

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7. Mediaval Dynasty 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Render Cube

Medieval Dynasty stands out on the list of games like Manor Lords for its immersive first-person perspective, offering a unique blend of city-building and survival gameplay within a vast open world. While a campaign exists, your primary focus is building your own village from the ground up. Construct your home, cultivate land, establish trade routes, and even find love. Medieval Dynasty boasts rich detail and a strong emphasis on immersion, making it a captivating choice for those seeking a more personal and hands-on medieval experience, even if it prioritizes immersion over intricate management systems.

6. Frostpunk 1 & 2

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: 11 Bit Studios

This might seem to be a odd choice in the list of best games like Manor Lords! While Manor Lords immerses you in the complexities of medieval fiefdom management, Frostpunk offers a starkly different yet captivating experience. Forget the lush landscapes and sprawling villages; Frostpunk throws you into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where survival is paramount. 

While the aesthetics are vastly different, both games share a core element: the weight of leadership. In Frostpunk, you lead humanity's last bastion, a frozen city teetering on the brink. Like Manor Lords, you'll face crucial decisions that shape your community's destiny, but here, the stakes are infinitely higher. 

Will you prioritize warmth and safety, leading to resource scarcity? Or will you resort to desperate measures like cannibalism and child labor to ensure your city's survival? Frostpunk is a brutal test of leadership, forcing you to confront the darkest aspects of humanity in the struggle for survival.

5. They Are Billions 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Numantian Games

In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by billions of the undead, They Are Billions throws you into a desperate struggle for survival. Build humanity's last bastion, a fortified colony, and manage your resources and people wisely to withstand the relentless onslaught of zombie hordes. 

Challenge yourself in Survival mode, where you must overcome increasingly difficult scenarios. Alternatively, embark on a story campaign and uncover the fate of humanity in the face of this overwhelming threat. 

They Are Billions is a heart-pounding colony-builder where strategic resource management and tactical defense against massive zombie swarms are paramount. Can you lead humanity through this nightmare and secure its future?

4. Dawn of Man 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Madruga Works

Life in prehistoric times was far from simple. In Dawn of Man, you'll lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, facing the harsh realities of survival and advancement. While life may have been basic in its needs, ensuring your people thrive requires meticulous planning and resource management. 

Similar to Manor Lords, you'll oversee every aspect of your settlement's growth, from crafting tools and building shelters to assigning tasks and ensuring your community's well-being. Though separated by millennia, both games offer a satisfying challenge in guiding a society through its evolution, albeit in vastly different settings.

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3. Northgard

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Shiro Games

Northgard is a captivating blend of city-building, resource management, and strategic warfare. Offering both a story-driven campaign and a free-form sandbox mode, Northgard delivers a diverse experience similar to other games like Manor Lords. Lead your Viking clan, send your warriors on expeditions, expand your territory through conquest, and overcome the harsh challenges of winter and mythical creatures. With co-op and PvP online modes, Northgard lets you forge alliances or clash with other players, further enriching your gameplay options.

2. Surviving the Aftermath 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Iceflake Studios

Surviving the Aftermath takes you to a post-apocalyptic world where cyberpunk aesthetics meet absurd challenges. While sharing the survival theme with Frostpunk, Surviving the Aftermath injects a hefty dose of the unexpected. Imagine fire-starting rats and regular meteor showers – this is a world where survival hinges on adaptability as much as resource management. This unpredictable and often hilarious chaos adds a unique layer of excitement to the core gameplay loop, making it a truly distinct experience within the city-building genre.

1. Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: TaleWorlds Entertainment

While primarily a war simulator, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord offers a unique blend of strategy and kingdom-building elements. As you rise through the ranks, you'll transform from a lone adventurer into a clan leader, gathering followers and building your own power base. 

Conquer castles and settlements, manage your fiefdoms, and invest in their prosperity through construction projects and resource management. This ability to govern your own territory adds a satisfying layer of depth to the core war-focused gameplay, making Bannerlord a captivating experience for those seeking a blend of strategy and open-world action.

Games Like Manor Lords: Honorable Mentions

These games were so close to making it into our list, but we could not squeeze them in. They do deserve recognition, regardless. So, let’s have a quick look at them:

Aven Colony 

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: Mothership Entertainment

Aven Colony is a sci-fi city-builder deserving of its praise. Its intuitive UI and engaging gameplay will captivate you for hours on end. While it offers a stark contrast to the medieval world of Manor Lords, Aven Colony is a must-play for any fan of the genre.


Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords

Credit: yevhen8

Ostriv is your chance to become the architect of a thriving 18th-century Ukrainian town. Like Manor Lords, Ostriv offers incredible freedom to design and develop your settlement, allowing you to craft a legacy that echoes through the ages. Experience the challenges and rewards of this unique historical setting without the need for a time machine.

Top 10 Games Like Manor Lords
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