Top 10 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Tips and Tricks You Should Know

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Top 10 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Here are the top 10 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game tips for players new to the game and those who want to take their off-road adventures to new heights

Saber Interactive, the developers of SnowRunner, have recently launched their newest title in the popular off-road driving sim franchise – Expeditions: A MudRunner Game. While these games take the focus away from driving really fast from point A to point B like traditional racers, players who like slow, methodical games like SnowRunner, Euro Truck Simulator, or even Death Stranding, will have a blast with Expeditions! So, in this article, we will give you some personalized Expeditions: A MudRunner Game tips to help you settle into the groove of things whether you are a newcomer or have played similar games before. Strap in and get ready for the ride!

Top 10 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Tips

Similar to how Skull and Bones focuses on traversal in the high seas, the core gameplay loop of Expeditions revolves around traversal across rough terrains and landscapes. If you have already started your journey in the uncharted lands of Expeditions, here are some useful tips and tricks to make your life easier:

Tip 1: Scout As Much As Possible

The first tip we would like to share with you is to scout as much as possible. Use your drone and binoculars to find essential air drops and points of interest across the map. This will help you find upgrades for your truck which is integral for keeping you “off the road” longer and will also make you better equipped for the later stages of the game. 

Tip 2: Take Advantage of the Winch

Saber Interactive has dramatically improved how the winch works in Expeditions. Many players complained that using the winch in the previous game was a hassle. The devs took note of this and have allowed players to either push, pull, or release the winch with the press of a single button. Let’s say you are pulling a truck up a hill, in this case, you can first go up the slope yourself and then pull the truck up using the winch once you have reached a spot with a better grip. This small change has made the winch extremely versatile as you can use it in creative ways in almost any situation. 

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Tip 3: Keep A Jackscrew in Hand

One of the most frustrating aspects of the previous title was if your vehicle ever got flipped over (trust us, we’ve all been there), getting it back up and running was a huge hassle. You used to either need a crane or a winch to turn yourself back over, but that is not the case with Expeditions. The devs have introduced a new item called a Jackscrew that will easily flip your vehicle over if you find yourself upside down. So, keep this item in your inventory as it will come in handy in those sticky situations.

Tip 4: How to Find the Upgrades You Collected

When you are exploring the different terrains in Expeditions, you will find many upgrades along the way. When you pick them up, these upgrades will only state which vehicle they are meant for. To find and equip them, you will have to return to your headquarters and open the Truck Selection menu. There you will have to remember which vehicle the upgrade was for and then go into its respective Upgrades tab. The part that can be upgraded will be highlighted with a “New” text. 

Tip 5: Stockpile Your Items

When you return to the headquarters after completing an expedition, keep in mind that all of the items in your inventory will automatically be sold for 50% of their value. To avoid this, when you purchase an item, keep it stockpiled rather than equipping it if you want it to be carried over to your next expedition. This will prevent you from incurring unnecessary losses by constantly having to buy a single item over and over again. 

Tip 6: Turn Off Your Truck to Save Fuel

Knowing how to properly manage your fuel is a key aspect of Expeditions. A simple way to prevent unnecessary fuel loss is by turning off your truck when you are stationary. For instance, if you are using your drone or binoculars for scouting, turn your vehicle off beforehand. Not only will this prevent you from potentially running out of fuel later in the expedition, but will also help save some costs and space as you won’t need to keep excessive backup fuel in your inventory. 

Tip 7: You Can Deploy Multiple Trucks at a Time

At the start of an expedition, you can choose to take up to 4 vehicles with you. While this feature may not be particularly useful in the early game, having multiple trucks with different specializations can come in handy once you have made some progress. For example, you can start an expedition with a scout vehicle, a cargo truck, or any other off-roader of your choosing. This will allow you to fully uncover the lands without feeling like you missed out on something because you didn’t have the right vehicle for the job.

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Tip 8: Use the Free Roam Mode

After you have completed all of the expeditions of a particular region, you can revisit that area again using the Free Roam mode. This gives you an excellent opportunity to clean up any remaining Contracts or Tasks and get rewards for finishing them. Additionally, we would also strongly advise you to get a Metal Detector for one of your vehicles when cleaning up the area using Free Roam. Using this device will allow you to find different materials, upgrades, etc., that you may have missed during your initial playthrough of the area.

Tip 9: Utilize the Tire Pressure Mechanic

You can change the tire pressure of your vehicle on the fly in Expeditions. When tackling steep inclines with rocks, remember to reduce your tire pressure to get better traction. Once you are over the hurdle, re-add pressure to your tires so that you don’t cause any damage to them. You can always just keep your tire pressure to medium as it is the best setting for both grip and damage resistance. However, it also consumes fuel faster.

Tip 10: Use Team Composition to Make Expeditions Easier

When starting an expedition, you will see a section for Team Composition. Here you will be able to pick and hire several different team members that give you various boosts. This can come in the form of reduced truck damage, increased supply limit, improved drone range, and so on. Make sure to take full advantage of this system as it will help you navigate and chart through the rough terrains of Expeditions more efficiently. 

That wraps up all of the tips and tricks we have in store for Expeditions: A Mudrunner Game. While these tips can be useful in the field, our suggestion would be to go out there and uncover the game for yourself. Discovery is a vital aspect of Expeditions and that also includes how the different mechanics work. 

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Top 10 Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Tips and Tricks You Should Know
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