Tommyinnit Becomes An Ambassador For Sarcoma Organization In The UK

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Tommyinnit Becomes An Ambassador For Sarcoma Organization In The UK

Sarcoma Organization UK posted a tweet on their official Twitter account announcing that Tommyinnit joined their organization as the latest Celebrity Ambassador

Tommyinnit Becomes An Ambassador For Sarcoma Organization In The UK

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As we all know, Alexander, better known by his alias, “Technoblade” was an American Youtuber who was best known for his Minecraft gameplays. He used to live stream his Minecraft gameplays and post videos on Youtube where he particularly played on the minigame server named Hypixel. He was also quite famous for his involvement in the Dream SMP, i.e. Survival Multiplayer Minecraft world in 2020, which boosted his following by a ton. 

Unfortunately, Alexander died at the young age of 23 in June 2020 because of Metastatic Sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that is formed by transformative cells turning into a malignant tumor. His abrupt death shocked everyone in the Minecraft community quite deeply. Not only that, the whole internet mourned his death by posting hundreds of videos with the famous Technoblade saying, “Technoblade Never Dies.” 

Thomas Simons, better known by his alias, “Tommyinnit” was also involved in the Dream SMP and he had developed a close relationship with Technoblade, so the death affected him a lot. He is an English Twitch streamer and Youtuber who is very beloved. He is an internet sensation and his 7.4M followers on Twitch prove so. He is the most followed Minecraft streamer on Twitch and the 14th most followed Minecraft content creator on the internet overall. He is best known for his collaborative Youtube videos with fellow Youtubers and his avid involvement in the Dream SMP, which is what truly caused the massive upsurge in his popularity.

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Tommyinnit Joins Sarcoma Organization UK as a Celebrity Ambassador 

Earlier today, when Sarcoma Organization UK posted a tweet on their official Twitter account, announcing that Tommyinnit has joined the organization as the latest Celebrity Ambassador. The tweet blew up pretty quickly, and fans were not surprised at all by the news considering how close Technoblade and Tommyinnit were. Their friendship was beautiful and they spent a lot of time together playing Minecraft. Not only was their friendship one of a kind, but it also allowed their viewers to enjoy watching them and feel very entertained by how funny they were.

The tweet posted by Sarcoma UK quoted a dialogue by Tommyinnit which said that he had never heard of sarcoma cancer before Technoblade was diagnosed with it, and now he’s heartbroken that Technoblade is gone. Tommyinnit retweeted the tweet to his main Twitter account and said that he is proud to announce that he is becoming an Ambassador at Sarcoma Organization Uk. He also added that he did not know anything about Sarcoma Cancer until Technoblade and wants to raise as much awareness about the illness as possible. Here is the tweet posted by Sarcoma Organization UK along with Tommyinnit’s retweet quote:

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Needless to say, the whole Minecraft community including Technoblade fans and fellow Minecraft content creators are very proud of Tommy for taking this initiative. Everyone knows how deeply Techno passing away affected him, so they are all happy to see his growth as a creator. It is commendable that Tommy is trying to raise awareness about Sarcoma cancer and help the people who might be affected by the same destructive disease that can kill them. We all expect great things from Tommy in the future and can’t wait to see what else he will do with his Minecraft streaming career.