The Ultimate FC Mobile Mystery Signings Guide

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The Ultimate FC Mobile Mystery Signings Guide

EA Sports has brought back one of FIFA Mobile's most popular promotions with FC Mobile Mystery Signings, and here's how you can ace it

Get ready for an exciting return of Mystery Signings on EA FC Mobile 24, a promo that will drop hints about two player cards each week. Your mission is to decipher these clues, piece together the puzzle, and ultimately select your favorite player to bolster your squad. FC Mobile Mystery Signings is now live, but it remains unclear how long EA Sports will continue this promo. Here is everything you need to know about Mystery Signings on EA FC Mobile 24.

FC Mobile Mystery Signings: Main Campaign

Unlock full details about two featured players each week, and select one of them to join your squad without spending any coin. To unveil the two Mystery Player cards, players must navigate through a structured sequence of four distinct steps. Here is what you need to do:

  • Your first clue leads to a Mixed version player, and their Overall Rating will be a mystery number between 70 and 88.
  • Find out player 1’s identity at a cost of 30,000 coins.
  • The next hint leads you to Player 2, who also belongs to the Mixed versions category, and their Overall Rating ranges from 70 to 88.
  • Spend 30,000 coins to discover who Player 2 is.

The clues and Mystery Players will reset every seven days.

FC Mobile Mystery Signings: Milestone

Achieving the FC Mobile Mystery Signings Milestone is a feat that requires collecting three of the enigmatic Mystery Players. Once you reach this milestone, you'll unlock an array of tantalizing rewards, offering you a choice that's sure to leave you excited.

Among the rewards, you have three remarkable options. The first is the opportunity to claim an 87-rated tradeable player, allowing you to bolster your squad with a valuable addition while maintaining flexibility. Alternatively, you can opt for the second choice, which includes an 88-rated untradeable player card, along with a generous coin reward, providing you with both a powerful player and valuable in-game currency. Lastly, there's the enticing option of selecting an 89-rated untradeable player, offering an elite addition to your team.

The Ultimate FC Mobile Mystery Signings Guide

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Mystery Singings Players

The premier Premier League stars, Moussa Diaby and Alexis Mac Allister, have been unveiled as the first set of Mystery Signings. The excitement continues with the promise of two new players to uncover every week for as long as the promo runs.

Mystery Singings Week 1 Player Cards

Moussa Diaby-87

  • Nation: France
  • Position: RM
  • Program: Welcome to FC Mobile
  • Pace: 96
  • Shooting: 73
  • Passing: 76
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Defending: 42
  • Physical: 53

Alexis Mac Allister-85

  • Nation: Argentina
  • Position: CM
  • Program: Welcome to FC Mobile
  • Pace: 71
  • Shooting: 80
  • Passing: 83
  • Dribbling: 81
  • Defending: 69
  • Physical: 68
The Ultimate FC Mobile Mystery Signings Guide
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