The Top Five Call of Duty League Teams Ranked

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The Top Five Call of Duty League Teams Ranked

Here are our top-ranked Call of Duty League teams.

With the amount of hype surrounding the CDL right now, we thought it would be a good time to break down our favorite teams in the league.

While stats are important here, this list also factors in the complete scope of how each selected team has performed seasonally (especially before this pandemic).

Dark Horse: New York Subliners

The New York Subliners have always, it seems, been in a tough spot. Throughout the past CDL matches, the Subliners’ offensive strategies have been hit or miss. While there have certainly been strong rounds, especially from Thomas Paparatto (aka ZooMaa), they have been losing a lot during this tournament.

Check out this brilliant run he did early in the CDL.

However, that doesn’t mean that their chance to bring home the gold is over. In their last match with Atlanta, a heated 3 – 2 effort, New York showed signs that there was only improvement to come in the future.

5. Minnesota Rokkr

If you had told me the Rokkr would be performing as well as they have been at the start of this season, I wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, here we are, with Minnesota starting off our top five teams.

Offensively, they bring down a gauntlet of well-timed kills and work well together on defense. But compared to more famous teams like Chicago and Dallas, their skills pale in comparison. The team doesn’t really have a star player, or one that is known to lead the team, but this video does a great job of showcasing the personality of the team.

Hopefully, they are able to pull together and win more matches as the CDL pushes forward.

4. Florida Mutineers

With two wins early on against the Chicago Huntsmen, the Florida Mutineers have already exceeded their Modern Warfare expectations. The team is an offensive powerhouse, even with key player, eternal homie Prestinni, out of the picture for the rest of the series.

On defense, there is a noticeable lack of quality for Florida. This might be the reason why they haven’t pushed back against top tier teams successfully. However, the Mutineers have more than enough power offensively to start dominating in the upcoming CDL matches.

3. Atlanta FaZe

A huge fan favorite and consistent esports trending topic, the Call of Duty FaZe Clan are worth their reputation. So what if they aren’t number-one in official CDL rankings this week. The Atlanta FaZe are a monumental achievement on the esports front, with a championship win at home to boot.

Their general offensive game is terrific, but over the last few matches, it has noticeably been slipping. When Atlanta took on the Chicago Huntsmen, the FaZe were annihilated and it showed. However, despite this, as well as Dallas racking up wins this past week, Atlanta is a consistently strong team that is as balanced as they are brutally dominating in Search and Destroy.

2. Chicago Huntsmen

Scump’s face is more a logo for these guys than the actual Huntsmen logo.

Chicago is a force to be reckoned with, and have been during the entire Call of Duty League so far this year. Each player on the team – from Formal to Gunless – has their own strength to add to the team. Offensively and defensively, there’s no difference because they’re just that good when they operate on the esports field together.

With Dallas pulling out the big guns over the past week, it is sure going to be interesting watching one of the former COD favorites bounce back effectively. Someone make sure Scump is properly medicated with Gamer Fuel and sedated with Adderall while they’re at it.

1. Dallas Empire

These guys sure are something. The Dallas Empire lit up the virtual stage last CDL match up, and more than likely will continue to destroy the COD scene moving forward.

Being that they are the only team with two official CDL events wins under their belt, they are now officially the highest-ranked team in the League, with over 150 CDL points after their stunt in Chicago. Even during the opening of this year, the Empire has been nothing but effective on and off the field.

Star player Crimsix has an infectious energy that helps carry his team. If they continue to play up their defensive strengths as well as they have lately, there will be nothing to stop them moving forward. For as far as we now know, the Dallas Empire are the front runners to take the entire season.

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