The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!

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The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!

Are you someone that enjoys watching streamers with an aesthetic backdrop? We’ve got you covered with our picks of the top 5 streamers with the best backdrops

While being a streamer means that you have to provide quality content to your viewers for them to consider you to be relevant, some viewers also care about the backdrop that a streamer has while streaming. Some streamers customize the area they set up their streaming station in to have a personalized space to stream in. Hence, if you’re someone that likes to watch streamers with a cool backdrop, you’re at the right place. Here are our picks for the top 5 streamers with the best backdrops that you can watch. 

Richard “Ninja” Blevins 

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!Credit: Ninja

Richard Blevins, best known by the nickname he uses on the internet, “Ninja” is an American Twitch streamer, professional video game player and Youtuber. Ninja started streaming in 2011 by participating in an esports team where he played competitive Halo 3. Yet, what truly boosted him up in the gaming ranks are his Fortnite Battle Royale gameplays in 2017. At present, Ninja has 18.5M followers on his Twitch channel which makes him the most followed Twitch channel to exist in 2023. 


As for the streaming backdrop that Ninja has, it is a simplistic gamer aesthetic backdrop. The streaming room is very minimal with square black tiles used as decoration on the walls in front and behind him. The standard lights have been ditched for some unique colorful cloud-hanging light fixtures which have been spread across the ceiling of the room. Surprisingly, that’s about it for the backdrop, there are no other unique items in the room to make it cooler. For a better look at the streaming room with a cool backdrop that Ninja has right now, check out his Instagram post. 

Imane “Pokimane” Anys 

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!Credit: Pokimane

Imane Anys, better known as “Pokimane” or “Poki”  is a Canadian and Moroccan Twitch streamer, social media personality and Youtuber. She is the most followed female streamer on Twitch’s platform, with 9.3M followers on her Twitch channel. She is best known for her video gaming live streams where she plays games such as Fortnite and Valorant. She started off her streaming journey in June 2013 playing League of Legends (LoL) on her live streams. She quickly climbed up in the ranks with her amazing gaming skills and charming personality and is now a beloved content creator on the internet.

Pokimane has moved a lot of time in the last decade and so, her streaming setup and the room have changed a lot as she moved. At present, her streaming room and backdrop are one of the best ones out there. She did a whole Youtube video showing her moving out journey to a new apartment in LA where she set up her new streaming room. Her streaming backdrop is dominated by a row of large white side tables that are textured. They have been highlighted with LED strip lights which light up not only the tables but also the white fur rug that can be seen all over the floor. The tables are decorated with many items such as a vase of flowers, awards, action figures and a controller stand. A huge personalized banner can be seen on the wall right above the tables along with another painting to the side of the room. It is a cozy setup and is truly one of the coolest streaming backdrops in 2023.

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!Credit: Valkyrae

Rachell Hofstetter, better known by her alias, “Valkyrae” is an American Twitch streamer and Youtuber. She has held the place for the most-watched female Youtuber ever since 2020 with 3.93M followers on her Youtube channel at present. She is also the co-owner of the lifestyle and gaming organization, “100 Thieves” since 2018. She began streaming in 2015 and has been climbing the ranks ever since with her amazing gaming skills. Her popularity was boosted a lot in 2018 when she began playing competitive Fortnite Battle Royale and joined 100 Thieves as a content creator. She is now a full-time streamer on Youtube after leaving Twitch with an exclusive contract in 2020.

She has moved a lot of times over the years, but at present, she is living in a house with her fellow streamer roommates where she has decorated her room stunningly. Her streaming backdrop is one of the best ones out there because of how minimal it is with its neutral color palette. She has some live plants which add a pop of green to her backdrop and enhance the glow of the warm yellow light fixture. She did a Youtube video where she gave her fans a tour of her room and her gaming or streaming setup showing her whole room. Overall, her backdrop is cozy and adds a nice welcoming vibe to her streams. 

Edwin “Castro_1021” Castro

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!Credit: Castro1021

Edwin Castro, better known by his alias, “Castro1021” is a Mexican and American Twitch streamer plus Youtuber. He began his streaming journey on Twitch in 2013 and has become a fan favorite ever since. He is one of the most popular and best FIFA video game streamers out there with 3.7M followers on his Twitch channel. For this reason, he has been dubbed “The Master of Virtual Soccer” or “The Master of FIFA.” He is also very beloved for his charity streams where he has raised thousands of dollars in donations for charities. He is best known for his jokes, expressive personality and amazing FIFA gaming skills. 

To say that Castro has one of the best streaming backdrops would be an understatement because this man turned half of his room into a football pitch to represent his love for soccer. The backdrop he has for his gaming or streaming room shows a whole football pitch made using a faux grass carpet and a football stadium poster. The faux grass carpet has been adorned with a small goalpost along with a football and the FIFA trophy. The rest of the room has been kept minimal with Castro’s various football jerseys being hung up on the wall in frames. The lighting is also very simple with some overhanging white lights and natural light from the windows. It is such a stunning room for his FIFA streams because it sets the atmosphere perfectly and makes viewers feel right at home. Check out the Youtube video that he made telling us all about his gaming or streaming room’s setup. 

Simon “miniminter” Minter

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!Credit: Miniminter


Simon Minter, better known by his alias, “miniminter” is an English Twitch streamer and Youtuber. He is best known for being a member of the Sidemen, a group of English internet personalities who come together to create entertaining content on Youtube. He is also beloved for his FIFA gameplays and lifestyle vlogs. At present, he has 1.9M followers on his Twitch channel and 10.2M subscribers on his Youtube channel. 

Talking about Simon’s gaming or streaming room, it truly is one of the best ones out there because of how personalized and amazing it is. In his Youtube video, he did a whole tour of his gaming or streaming room, and fans were in complete awe. His whole gaming room is lit up with a bunch of different LED light fixtures such as LED strip lights and tube lights. The backdrop shows us a big space with a wall to the right being made of hexagon tiles and some LED strip lights. The immediate background shows us a striped wallpaper wall with built-in white box shelves that have been lit with different colors and are displaying different personal items such as his 10M Youtube Diamond Play Button and a painting. There is also a big live plant in the background which adds some liveliness to the room. There is also a big TV and monitor set up in the background which Simon says he uses for cozy gaming or VR livestreams on Twitch. 


Needless to say, these streamers mentioned above take their streaming setups and backdrops quite seriously. They like to broadcast their gameplays while being in a personal space that is fitting to their stream's theme, which makes them 10 times more enjoyable to watch as a viewer. The matching aesthetic backdrops add a lot to the streamers' broadcasts and viewers love to see it. Hence, if you’re looking to watch some streamers with the best backdrops, check out our top 5 picks of streamers with the best backdrops and start watching them today, we promise you will not be disappointed!

The Top 5 Streamers With The Best Backdrops In 2023!
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