The Finals Update 1.5 Patch Notes Add Groundbreaking Solo PvP Mode, Player Outfits, And More

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The Finals Update 1.5 Patch Notes Add Groundbreaking Solo PvP Mode, Player Outfits, And More

The Finals Update 1.5 Patch Notes adds a new solo PvP where you battle 12 players all solo, new player outfits, several quality of life changes, and more.

The highlight of the Finals update 1.5 is the new Solo Bank It mode, where you compete against 11 other players to find 40,000 and cash it in at the station. It’s basically like the current Bank It mode, but without a squad to help you out. A solo queue Bank It 12-player arena mode was something the game needed, and the developers have rolled it out citing as ‘experimental’.

The update ships out a plethora of balance change for several weapons, objects, throwables, and also fixes a list of existing bugs and glitches to ensure players have  a jolly good time in this FPS highly popular for its destructible environments.

The update also includes balance changes for mesh shield, recon senses amongst other items currently available to play in the game. Activation cost for the cloaking device has been increased, as is the minimum required charge time.

Increased minimum required charge time to activate from 1.5s to 2.5s

Grapple Hook
Will no longer attach to objects that are attached to carriables

Guardian Turret
Will now shoot target dummies in the practice range
Mesh Shield Health reduce to 1000 from 1100

Recon Senses
Increased activation cost to 1.5 seconds
Minimum charge time to activate has been reduced from 2 seconds, from 2.5 seconds.

The Finals Update 1.5 Patch Notes Weapon Balance Changes

The flamethrower and LH1 get their damage buffed slightly, while several other wepons get their recoil patterns updated, making it easier to control the recoil. Update 1.5 also adds left-side inspect animations to a list of weapons in-game, including the Goo Goo gun, the mp54, and more. The Sh1900 ends up on the developer’s ‘nerf-list’ with considerable nerfs deployed to it’s damage per pellet.

Meanwhile, the Riot Shield receives new animations to make it feel more ‘responsive” and “better”, while several bugs and glitches related to the shield have also been fixed in this new update. The complete list of weapon balance changes in Finals Update 1.5 have been listed below.

  • Flamethrower Damage slightly buffed to 30 from 28
  • LH1 Damage increased to 49
  • M11 has much less of a recoil, with the update recoil patter, amking it easier to control the weapon. Recoil pattern updated, to make the weapon easier to control
  • SH1900 ShotgunDamage decreased from 12 to 10 damage per pellet
  • M60 Damage increased from 21 to 22
  • Riot Shield has been bumped with new attack animations and hit sweeps, which in turn may make the weapon feel more ‘responsive’
  • Fixed issues where the Riot Shield could be invisible and still block bullets
  • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield could block bullets while the player climbed a ladder
  • The SA1216 cannot be fired faster than intended, while the update has added new trail effects to throwing knives, making them easier to see when they are thrown at you.
  • The SR-84 Sniper Rifle has a new Scoped Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier to the settings screen, this, in turn, affects the SR-84

The Finals update 1.5 Release Date and Time

The Finals Update 1.5 is scheduled to go live on servers across all regions across all the supported platforms on Wednesday, January 17. The experimental Bank It solo mode is here to stay for a short amount of time as the developers gather feedback from its players through the official Discord server. The Recon Sense is on the developer’s crosshairs, and they are planning to ship nerfs or readjust the ability so that it no longer remains that ‘overpowered’

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