The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack Explained

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The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack Explained

The Finals has a Battle Pass available that allows you to have costumes that could be very interesting for some players. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything that is present in The Finals season 1 starter pack, so that you can have a complete vision of what awaits you and can make your own assessments.

Is The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack Worth It?

The first consideration to make is from the price point of view. This Battle Pass was put on sale for 10 dollars, a price that is not so excessive and therefore can create more than a few doubts in the heads of players. In fact, for this price which, given those of recent times, can be considered negligible, you will have the possibility of obtaining many skins for weapons and characters, emoticons, and also having a part of your Multibucks back.

When you grab the Season 1 Starter Pack in The Finals for 1150 Multibucks, it's not just about the awesome stuff you get like cool weapon skins, cosmetic items, and emoticons – you also score an extra 1150 Multibucks. And guess what makes it even better? The cost of the starter pack is the exact amount you need to buy the Battle Pass. Just head over to the Store on the right side of your home screen, and you'll spot the Starter Pack waiting for you.

ZZZ Codes and How to Redeem Them

If you're eyeing the Battle Pass in The Finals, going for the Starter Pack is a smart move. As you move through the Battle Pass, you will rake in 75 Multibucks for every level you conquer. By the time you conquer the entire thing, you will have a grand total of 1575 Multibucks. That's a pretty sweet deal, allowing you to spoil yourself with the next Battle Pass in the upcoming season.

What Does The Finals Battle Pass Include?

Diving into the Battle Pass is like stepping into a treasure trove filled with all sorts of cool stuff, especially snazzy cosmetic items like sunglasses, caps, and a bunch more awesome things. Here's a full list of all the items you can get when you buy the Battle Pass.

  • Vow Warrior
  • Beam Bye-Bye
  • Rockabilly
  • Crow's Memory
  • Odila, The Trickster

The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack

The Finals Season 1 Starter Pack Explained
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