The Finals Reserve Loadout Guide

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The Finals Reserve Loadout Guide

If you want to have advantages during matches, you can't help but know what The Finals reserve loadout is and how to use it. In fact, it is a real game changer that can tilt the victory towards you rather than towards your opponents. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you too can take advantage of this “trick,” which allows you to have a significant advantage.

What Is The Finals Reserve Loadout and How to Use it

The Finals reserve loadout is used to exchange weapons or gadgets within a match. It might seem silly, but, in reality, this could be a game changer in all respects because it allows you to change your approach to the game if the need arises. Furthermore, by doing so, you will be able to have a percentage of unpredictability that will certainly come in handy when trying to win the game.

However, it's certainly not all rosy. You will not be able to use The Finals reserve loadout when you are alive; you should know that. In fact, you will only be able to change weapons and gadgets when you are eliminated and have to wait to return to the game. But how is it done in practice? Nothing could be simpler, actually. You won't have to do who knows what or make many long and tedious steps, so don't worry. In any case, below we explain step-by-step everything you need to do.

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Once you have been eliminated, while you are waiting in the lobby to return to the game, look at the bottom left of the screen. You will see a button that says “Change Loadout.” As soon as you have the chance, press that button, and you will be able to perform a The Finals reserve loadout. At this point, decide what you want to change and wait until you return to the game so you can see the changes.

the finals reserve loadout

The Finals Reserve Loadout Guide
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