The Finals Best Settings For PC

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The Finals Best Settings For PC

The Finals is available across platforms like Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. Here are The Finals best settings for PC and consoles to give you an edge.

The Finals, just like every other competitive first-person multiplayer shooter, requires players to have excellent mastery over their aiming reticle and movement. And to ensure that, you must first optimize the game so that it is running properly on your system. Inconsistent frame times, poor mouse sensitivity, bad view distances, etc. can all make the game harder to play and enjoy. To alleviate some of these issues, here’s our guide on The Finals best settings for your PC!

The Finals Best Settings for Video

It is essential to optimize the video settings for The Finals to get the best frames per second (FPS). The higher the FPS, the smoother the gameplay. Ideally, it is recommended to match the FPS of your game to the refresh rate of your display. For instance, to get the best experience on a 144 Hertz display, your game should be running at 144 FPS. Here’s how you can tweak your video settings to get the best performance:

The Finals Best Settings For PC

Window Mode: Full Screen

Resolution: 1920×1080

VSync: Disabled

Nvidia Reflex Low Latency: On (if your GPU supports it)

Resolution Scaling Method: DLSS (for Nvidia RTX GPUs only)

DLSS Setting: Auto

Field of View: 90-100 (to see enemies from further away)

Motion Blur: Disabled

Lens Distortion: Disabled

RTX Global Illumination: Static

View Distance: High

Anti-Aliasing: Medium

Shadows: Medium

Post-Processing: Medium

Texture: Medium

Effects: Medium

Foliage: Medium

Global Illumination Resolution: Medium

Your PC should be able to run the game really well with these settings enabled, though it would be wise to check out the system requirements first. You can also tweak these settings as per your preference and system specs. Turning down the Overall Quality Level to low, and then keeping the View Distance high can also help boost your framerates.

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The Finals Best Settings for Audio

Audio optimization is just as important as video optimization. Having clear, loud, and distortion-free audio can help you hear the footsteps of incoming enemies in the area. Fortunately, The Finals already has great sound-tuning, so not a lot of change is required in the settings tab. Just ensure that your settings are like this:

The Finals Best Settings For PC

Master Volume: 70-100

Music Volume:

SFX Volume: 100

Dialogue Volume: 50

Output Mode: Headphones (recommended)

Night Mode: Off

Subtitles: On

Subtitle Text Size: Small

Subtitle Background Opacity: Zero

Enable Voice Chat: On

Mode: Push to Talk

The main setting in the audio section you should be worried about is the Music Volume as it can be distracting in the middle of a fight. Hence, it’s best to keep it off.

The Finals Best Settings for Gameplay

Adding some custom touches to the gameplay settings can enhance your experience in The Finals. Here are a few suggested options:

The Finals Best Settings For PC

Crossplay: Off (keep this off if you don’t want to play with console players)

Width: 1-2

Outline width: 1-4

Center Dot: on.

Center Dot Radius: 1-6

Opacity: 100

If you want to experiment with the crosshair colors and outlines, then you can try experimenting with the Red, Blue, Green settings. However, it is best to just keep it black.

The Finals: Best Settings for Mouse and Keyboard

In the Mouse and Keyboard tab, you can change around a few things to ensure that the game is as responsive as you need it. Most players who have played FPS titles in the past know exactly what their keyboard bindings and mouse sensitivity is going to be. But if you are unfamiliar with it, here’s what we would recommend:

The Finals Best Settings For PC

Mouse Look Sensitivity: 30-60 (depending on how fast you want your crosshair to move)

Mouse Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 100%

Mouse Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling: On

Mouse Invert Vertical Look Output: Off

As for the key bindings, you can change them up as you please. Change the layout as per your preference and comfort. For instance, many players prefer to melee with the mouse scroll button, so you can change it from the default V.

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The Finals: Best Settings for Controller

While keyboard and mouse is the ideal way to play The Finals on PC, you can still use your controller! But before you do, it is important to tweak the settings a bit. Here’s what we recommend for the best controller experience:

The Finals: Best Settings For PC!

Look Sensitivity Horizontal: 180

Look Sensitivity Vertical: 90

Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier: 60%

Focal Length Sensitivity Scaling: On

Horizontal Look Boost: 280

Vertical Look Boost: 170

Look Boost Ramp-up Time: 1

Zoom Horizontal Look Boost: 110

Zoom Vertical Look Boost: 60

Zoom Look Boost Ramp-up Time: 1

Aiming Inner Deadzone: 5

Movement Inner Deadzone: 15

Invert Vertical Look Input: Off

Look Response Curve: Sinusoidal

Look Acceleration: 0%

Controller Preset: Directional Equipping

Sprint Behavior: Toggle

Crouch Behavior: Hold

Zoom Behavior: Hold

Aim Assist: On

Sensitivity Reduction: On

Target Tracking: On

Zoom Snapping: On

Playing The Finals with a controller is more than viable, especially if you use the above-mentioned settings. You can experiment a bit with the different formats, like whether you want to toggle a button or hold it. Overall, the developers have done a great job of integrating controllers for their game so that people have a lot more flexibility in their play style.

The Finals Best Settings for Accessibility

One of the best aspects of The Finals is how accessible the game is, especially for people who are color blind. The developers ensured to give enough accessibility for visually impaired people to keep up with fast action on the screen. The colorblind mode includes color schemes for deuteranopia, tritanopia, and protanopia, along with adjustable subtitles and crosshairs.

The Finals: Best Settings For PC!

Ending Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our discussion of the best settings in The Finals! This guide will help you optimize your game so that you are playing at the peak of your abilities. However, please note that not everything mentioned in this guide is meant to be 100% perfect. We understand that every person has their own specific style of play. Hence, this article is just a baseline for what your settings should look like in-game. For more guides and news on The Finals, check out ESTNN!

The Finals Best Settings For PC
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