The Best Characters for Every Type in Honkai: Star Rail

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The Best Characters for Every Type in Honkai: Star Rail

This article will give insight on the best characters for every type in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail came out almost a year ago and took over the gacha world by storm with its satisfying and well thought out turn-based combat system. The game follows an elemental typing system for all the characters similar to Pokemon and we will be going over the best characters in the meta right now for each type.


The Best Characters for Every Type in Honkai: Star Rail

For the first character in our list, we have the innocent Clara with her menacing iron-clad bodyguard

Svarog. Being a character in the default banners, she is still dominating the scene thanks to her massive defense provided by none other than Svarog himself. Clara’s playstyle can be extremely versatile but her main role is focusing the enemy’s aggro on her so that your team’s DPS can deal damage to the opponent without worrying about losing health.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she and Svarog are not an expert at damage dealing, as every attack that lands on Clara will initiate a counter attack from Svarog, without using any turns at all. The constant pressure takes away a lot of the opponent’s health and effectively acts as chip damage. Even in the latest patch, you can take any fights without breaking a sweat thanks to Clara and her stan–I mean, bodyguard.


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For the element of Fire, we have Asta from the Path of Harmony. As her class suggests, Asta’s presence serves to provide buffs for the whole team, and she is overlooked as a buffer, possibly because of her 4-star classification.

Her ultimate is tantamount to the kit, as it gives a speed boost to all members in your party, meaning quicker turns and more damage to the opponent. Avid players of HSR know that even one extra turn can quickly change the cards to be in your favor, and Asta can play those cards very well.


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Up next, we have someone from the Path of Preservation, with Gepard. The tenacious leader of the Silvermane Guards will spoil you with his never-ending supply of shields. Combine that with his gigantic health and you get probably the best Preservation character in Honkai: Star Rail currently. Getting the trace that gives him more aggro from enemies makes him the ideal tank as well and he will surely be carrying your team through the main story and the Forgotten Hall.


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Source:: PCGamesN

And now we have another character from the Path of Harmony, and this time it’s Tingyun, the eccentrically enigmatic Foxian lady from Xianzhou Luofu. Excelling at buffs, she will spoil your team as well, but this time with boosts for everyone’s ultimate charge, along with her special ability, ‘Benediction’; granting an attack boost to one particular character in your party.

The icing on the cake is the fact that she’s a 4-star character and completely free to get after progressing a bit in the main story. Not to mention, she is basically an F2P alternative to one of the best 5-star characters in HSR, whom we’ll talk about in the next section.


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Coming in as the best wingman of Honkai, Bronya from Jarilo-VI will be there to quite literally double the potential of your team with her constant buffs and speed boosts. Her special ability, ‘Combat Redeployment’, allows Bronya to grant an immediate turn along with an attack boost of 33% to one of her allies, AND it removes any debuff that the player targeted by Bronya has. Adding to the usefulness of her skill, her ultimate, ‘The Belobog March’, gives the 33% attack boost to every player in the party and ups the critical damage.

Needless to say, Bronya will bring out the true potential of each and every character in your party and even more, thanks to her brilliant kit. She is one of the characters that will always be worth investing in no matter how many new additions to the roster of Honkai are added.


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Source: Pocket Tactics

Seele laughs in the face of the term ‘Turn-based combat’, as she literally steals every turn for herself thanks to her kit. Being a Hunt character, Seele excels at dealing damage, but what makes her dominate the meta is her 100% speed boost after taking out an adversary, thanks to her passive, ‘Resurgence’.

This essentially means she gets two extra turns if the enemy is taken out. And since ultimates in Honkai count as an individual turn, getting an elimination with her ultimate, ‘Butterfly Flurry’, grants her another extra turn. Pair her with Bronya’s instant speed boost and you get another turn. You see where I’m getting at, right?


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Source: Sports Illustrated

For the last element, we have the Imaginary damage dealing Luocha, from the Path of Abundance. Being a relatively new addition to the roster, Luocha quickly left his mark amongst players with his aggressive-healer playstyle. This is thanks to his healing power scaling with his attack. His skill, ‘Prayer of Abyss Flower’, heals the targeted ally’s health equal to 40% of Luocha’s attack plus an extra 200. That in itself incentivises players to invest more in Luocha’s attack stats and even more so because of his ultimate ‘Death Wish’, which deals massive AOE damage to everyone in the opposition.

That concludes this article which tackles all the meta characters of every element in Honkai: Star Rail as of today. The ranking will obviously differ as time passes and we will keep you updated regularly to make sure you’re investing your hard-earned resources in the right characters at the right time!

The Best Characters for Every Type in Honkai: Star Rail
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