The 5 Most Popular Shroud Clips on Twitch Of All Time!

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The 5 Most Popular Shroud Clips on Twitch Of All Time!

Do you enjoy watching the clutch god, Shroud? Then, take a look at the 5 most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time

Michael Grzesiek, better known by his internet nickname, “Shroud” is a Canadian Twitch streamer, content creator and YouTuber. He is a former professional esports player for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) in teams such as Slow Motion, Exertus Esports and Manajuma. He also formerly played Valorant as a professional player in the team, Sentinels. While he began his streaming career in 2011, he began full-time in 2017 as a content creator for Cloud9 after retiring from esports. At present, Shroud is one of the top Twitch streamers with more than 10M followers on Twitch. Hence, he has lots of moments captured from his live streams, so here are the 5 most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time!

Shroud dies miserably to a Vile Lunatic in Diablo IV multiplayer


Credit: Shroud

One of the most celebrated game releases of 2023 was Diablo IV, which was released on June 5. It is an online-only action roleplaying game (ARPG) developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. When the game was launched officially for everyone, it instantly became a blockbuster and had 10 million players in its launch month, which was June. Naturally, this means that streamers were playing the game on their live streams. One of these streamers was our beloved clutch god, Shroud since he is known for playing World of Warcraft (WoW). Hence, while playing the game on live stream, he ended up creating one of the most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time which has 526K views in 2023.

In the clip, Shroud was live streaming his Diablo IV gameplay where he was playing multiplayer with fellow streamers Maximum, Imexile and SpinnyWinny. While playing the squad match, Shroud retreated to avoid an attack. Unfortunately for him, a Vile Lunatic blew him up and he died immediately which viewers found utterly hilarious.

Shrouds doesn’t skip a Baldur’s Gate 3 cutscene and immediately regrets his decision


Credit: Shroud

Another celebrated game release of 2023 was Baldur’s Gate 3, which was released on August 3 for PC. It is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios as the third main installment in the Baldur’s series. When the game was launched, the internet went crazy for it because of how well-made it is. Those who have been watching Shroud’s live streams for a long time know that he loves his role-playing games. Naturally, this meant that he played Badlur’s Gate 3 when it was released on his livestream. While playing the game, just like Diablo IV, he ended up creating one of the most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time with 463K views in 2023.

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In the clip, Shroud was playing Baldur’s Gate 3 when he reached an inappropriate cut scene. Shroud assured his fans saying that it’s gonna be like Cyberpunk and it’s gonna be over. Well, it wasn’t over and kept after the screen turned black, becoming a truly hilarious moment for viewers watching.

Shroud kills 3 enemies in a row using wallbang in Valorant

The 5 Most Popular Shroud Clips on Twitch Of All Time!

Credit: Shroud

As mentioned before, Shroud was a professional esports player playing Valorant for the team, Sentinels. Valorant is a first-person tactical shooter game that is free to play. The game was developed and distributed by Riot Games for Windows. It is one of the most played and beloved first-person video games out there. Shroud may have retired from his esports career, but he never retired from playing the game. He is very skilled at the game so, of course, his viewers get to see him play the game from time to time. Staying true to his title of “Clutch God”, one of the most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time is a Valorant clutch clip with 413K views currently.

In the clip, Shroud was doing one of his usual Valorant gameplay live streams. He was playing a classic Deathmatch with fellow streamer, Tenz. At a particular moment in the match, Shroud utilized the hit detection system and immediately killed 3 enemies back-to-back with the wallbang method. His viewers were very impressed and it became a popular clip.

Shrouds lags out and dies while playing co-op in Diablo IV


Credit: Shroud

Owing to Shroud’s love for roleplaying games, we all know he played Diablo IV for hours on end. Because of this, a lot of his popular clips are from his Diablo IV gameplays dating back to June 2023 when he first started playing on live stream. He is a very skilled gamer even in Diablo IV because of his experience with roleplaying games such as World of Warcraft. Hence, the only times he died in the game were because of bugs, glitches or lags. Sometimes he died because of a momentary lack of focus, which is pretty normal. Unfortunately, one of the most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time is one where he lagged out with 316K views.

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In the clip, Shroud was playing Diablo IV in co-op mode with a fellow streamer. He was at the Nightmare Dungeon stage in Feral’s Den when things took a turn. While fighting a few Plague Maggots, he started experiencing lag issues and then he completely lagged out and died there.

Shroud discovers the “extra” character-making features in Cyberpunk 2077


Credit: Shroud

As we all know, Cyberpunk 2077 was the biggest and most beloved game release of 2020 to 2021. The game was officially launched on December 10, 2020 and everyone was playing the game throughout 2021. Naturally, this also meant that streamers were playing the game upon popular demand. Hence, Shroud was amongst the streamers who were playing the game after its official launch. Of course, Cyberpunk 2077 being an action roleplaying game (ARPG) meant that our beloved Clutch God, Shroud was going to play it either way because of his love for such games. During the first Cyberpunk 2077 live stream, he ended up creating one of the most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time with 303K views.

In the clip, Shroud was hosting his first Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay livestream. In the stream, he was creating his character for the whole series when he encountered some questionable and inappropriate character-making features in the game. Shroud being himself, he decided to explore the features and viewers found it hilarious.


In conclusion, Shroud is well worthy of being one of the most popular Twitch streamers in 2023. He constantly proves himself worthy of the “Clutch God” title with his amazing gameplays by staying true to his brand. He also has an amazing sense of humor, a hilarious personality and the ability to entertain. Not only does he stay true to his brand, but he also does live streams playing games that he enjoys for his viewers knowing they will love it. His viewers are quite supportive and they love watching Shroud being himself, entertaining them with his skillful gameplays. Hence, make sure to go watch the 5 most popular Shroud clips on Twitch of all time given above!