The 5 Best Mousepads For CS2 In 2023

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The 5 Best Mousepads For CS2 In 2023

The use of the best mousepads isn’t exactly a requirement when you’re a gamer, but they do help with precision. Mousepads make a great deal of difference when you’re playing CS2, as you need great aim and accuracy.

A good mousepad also prevents scratches on your shiny surfaces and prolongs your mouse’s lifespan. So how should you go about picking the right mousepad? Let’s take a look at the 5 top mousepads suggested for CS2.

The 5 Best Mousepads for CS2

The 5 Best Mousepads For CS:GO In 2023

Credit: SteelSeries

Here are the best mousepads used and suggested by gamers for CS2, along with features and highlights.

1. SteelSeries QcK Heavy Mouse Pad

The QcK mousepad series develops mousepads that ensure maximum movement during gaming. The mousepad base is made of silicon rubber, while the surface is micro-woven cloth. QcK’s high thread count and smooth surface optimize mouse tracking accuracy for optical and laser sensors. The mousepad’s non-slip surface prevents any accidental movement or slipping when aiming in CS2.

Here’s the QcK size chart for all available mousepad sizes:

QcK Size Chart

Choose the perfect mousepad for your desk size.

S: 250 x 210 mm (9.8 x 8.2 x in.)

M: 320 x 270 mm (12.6 x 10.6 in.)

L: 450 x 400 mm (17.7 x 15.7 in.)

XL: 900 x 300 mm (35.4 x 11.8 in.)

3XL: 1220 x 590 mm (48 x 24 in.)

4XL: 1220 x 762 mm (48 x 30 in.)

5XL: 1600 x 800 (63 x 31.5 in.)


  1. Thick enough to cover uneven surfaces.
  2. Several size options available.


  1. Users may experience a strong rubbery smell initially.
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2. HyperX FURY S Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

HyperX FURY mousepads are designed specifically to maintain speedy motion when gaming. The seamless, anti-fray stitching allows you to move across the smooth surface without restrictions. The cloth surface is densely woven to ensure high precision optical mouse tracking. The textured natural rubber base is anti-slip and durable.

HyperX FURY S pro mousepad is available in four different sizes.

S: 290x240mm

M: 360x300mm


XL: 900x420mm


  1. Stitched edges for smoother usage.
  2. Low friction surface for smooth gliding.


  1. Quick wear down even with careful use.
  2. Doesn’t lay on all surfaces.

3. Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

The Logitech gaming mouse delivers low friction to ensure fluid fast and uninterrupted movement. The rubber base stays stable on any surface and delivers peak gaming performance. Logitech mousepads are designed to work best with Logitech G censors.

The mousepad is available in the following size:

M: 340x279mm.


  1. Smooth glide design with low friction.
  2. Stable rubber base to prevent unneeded slipping.


  1. Gets frayed easily with long-term use.

4. Zowie G-SR Gaming Mouse Pad

Zowie G-SR mousepads are designed for controlled gliding. Controlled aiming and hand movements are crucial when playing games like CS2. However, this does limit your gliding speed more than the other mousepad options on this list. Zowie G-SR is one of the most used and suggested mousepads for CS2 by gamers.

The available sizes for Zowie G-SR Gaming Mousepad:

S: 345x305mm

L: 480-x400mm


  1. Dense foam to provide uniform gliding.
  2. High resistance to humidity and sweat.
  3. Improves glide control required for tactical shooting games.


  1. Fewer size options are available.

5. VicTsing – Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

VicTsing large mousepads have a microfiber surface coated with a spill-resistant covering to protect your mouse and desk from any accidental spills. The surface is easy to clean. The base is a dense rubber material that prevents slipping and tear or wear.

This large mousepad is perfect for keeping your desk organized and safe. Provides a larger area for mouse movement and smooth gliding. The VicTising mousepad does not have size variations.

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VicTsing is a giant mousepad, available in just one size:

L: 800x400mm.


  1. Designed for smooth and precise mouse tracking.
  2. Smooth surface that is easier to clean and maintain.


  1. There’s only one available size.

Comparison of mousepads for CS2

Let’s take a look at highlights of the mousepads side by side.

Factors SteelSeries Qck Heavy HyperX FURY Logitech G440 Zowie G-SR VicTising
Price Starts from $30 Starts from $20 Starts from $34 Starts from $40 Starts from $19.99
Size Options Widest range of sizes available 4 different sizes Just 1 available size Two sizes No size options
Durability Ultra-durable and washable Can wear down with extensive use Friction increases with time and extensive use Suitable for long-term use High durability


Select the right gaming mousepad based on your budget, gaming requirements, and your desktop space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mousepad necessary for CS2?

If we’re being technical, then no, a mousepad isn’t strictly necessary when you’re playing Counter-Strike. However, having a mousepad does wonders for your gaming experience. You get more control over your movements, better gliding, and your desktop and mouse remain protected from pesky scratches or colour loss.


How to choose the right desktop mousepad size?

First, measure your desk and decide how much of it you want to cover. Large mousepads are more popular these days as they make desk organization a lot easier. Plus, everything just looks neater. Usually, mousepads of size 450mm in length and 400mm in width might be ideal. Pick one that’s thick so you get good performance even on uneven surfaces.


What is the best mousepad for aiming?

Gamers usually prefer Zowie mousepads or QcK mousepads for tactical shooter games. These mousepads offer controlled gliding and maintain satisfactory gliding speed.


Gaming mousepads have been increasing in popularity for quite some time now. When picking the right mousepad suited to you, be sure to consider your budget, the mousepad size, and how long the mousepad would last. Although there are so many choices for mousepads, only a few can tick all the right boxes.

The 5 Best Mousepads For CS2 In 2023
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