The 2021 LoL World Championship Finals Venue And Date Revealed

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The 2021 LoL World Championship Finals Venue And Date Revealed

This year, the League of Legends World Championship will take place in China.

Riot Games has announced the time and place for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Finals! The Universiade Sports Centre in Shenzhen, China will give home to the last, greatest tournament of the season. In addition, the final battle of the Grand Finals will be held on November 6. The venue has a capacity of 60,334, and if all goes according to plan, fans may be able to attend the biggest League of Legends event of the year.

Like in previous years, the best teams in the world will attend the World Championship. The top 24 teams from all over the globe will compete for the prize and the Summoners Cup. Last year, the representatives of the Vietnamese VCS were unable to attend, but hopefully, the travel restrictions will be lifted by autumn and fans can have a full-blown battle of the most skilled players!

The third Chinese World Championship

This will be the third time China will host the event. The first Worlds taking place in there was the 2017 tournament in the Beijing National Stadium of Beijing. Last year's Championship took place in the Shanghai Stadium but because of the pandemic, spectators could not attend. Because of this, China got another chance to stage Worlds. Meanwhile, North America’s World Championship was pushed to 2022.

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The venue is very unique as well as beautiful, looking like a building straight out of a sci-fi game. “Shenzhen is China’s most competitive and innovative city with thousand of high-tech startups and entrepreneurial pursuits, so we felt that it was the perfect landscape to host our Finals.”

The initial prize pool of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship will be $2,225,000. But it will surely grow with the in-game item sales which will contribute to the pool later this year. Until the Worlds, we still have a summer season to cheer through, but stay tuned to ESTNN for additional information on the greatest League event of the year!

The 2021 LoL World Championship Finals Venue And Date Revealed
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