Thaumaturge Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

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Thaumaturge Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More

Thaumaturge is the new game developed by Fool's Theory and published by 11bit Studios. Since the first videos shown, the game has proven to be very well-finished and with many interesting things, so much so that it has managed to create a fair share of players who can't wait to play it. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything we know about the game, so that you will no longer have any doubts.

Thaumaturge release date and platforms

Just recently, the developers of the game announced its release date. Thaumaturge will be available starting from December 5, 2023, on PC, while the release on consoles is set for early 2024. At the moment, we do not have a precise date for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in this regard, we will promptly inform you.

Thaumaturge demo

On the occasion of the Summer Next Fest, the developers announced that it will be possible to play Thaumaturge in a preview using a timed demo. This demo will be available to play until October 16th, so if you intend to try the game before purchasing it, we invite you to take advantage of the fact that you can try it out. However, keep in mind that the demo is only available for PC players, for console players it is not yet clear whether a demo will be released later, perhaps closer to the release date.

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Thaumaturge story

Thaumaturge is set in 1905, in Warsaw, under the Russian empire. The citizens of the city belong to different groups, with different points of view and ideas. Despite this, the city is still full of life, being a metropolis. The game's protagonist, Wiktor Szulski, is a thaumaturge, which is both a good and bad thing. Thaumaturges are people born with the power to commune and fight demons, called Salutors. These are particularly dangerous creatures that feed on the minds of humans until they possess them.

For this reason, throughout his life, the protagonist of the game has dedicated himself to capturing these demons to exorcise them from his human hosts. However, one day, Wiktor receives a letter from his sister asking him to visit her family, worried about her brother's health. Furthermore, Ligia, Wiktor's sister, also hopes that this visit will make her brother and father reconcile, since they don't get along due to past issues.

Wiktor decides to listen to his sister and therefore decides to go to Warsaw to visit his family. However, once he reaches his destination, he realizes that the city is no longer the same and being under the power of the Russians has transformed it completely. In fact, it is no longer the quiet city it once was, but there are crimes everywhere and there are hordes of demons waiting to feed on the souls of humans.

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Thaumaturge gameplay

From a gameplay point of view, Thaumaturge mixes various features within it. Primarily, the game is an isometric RPG, where its focus is turn-based combat, investigations, and character development. Consequently, given the nature of the title, every choice you make during your adventure will have a great impact on future events. For this reason, you will have to choose carefully what you say and what you do.

The game allows you to create your own version of the game's protagonist, which will allow you to approach the game in different ways. The turn-based combat is based on both the use of human attacks and psychic abilities, thus creating variety in the gameplay. Furthermore, you will also be able to manipulate people into bending to your power, as well as draw on your supernatural abilities to explore the world and discover the secrets that lie within.


Thaumaturge Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay, and More
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