TFT Set 11 Champion Pool and Rolling Odds: Complete Guide

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TFT Set 11 Champion Pool and Rolling Odds: Complete Guide

This article features the complete guide for the rolling mechanic, all the odds, best stages to level up along with details of the champion pool in Teamfight Tactics Set 11, Inkborn Fables.

Teamfight Tactics Rolling: What Is It?

Rolling is a core mechanic inside each set of Teamfight Tactics that allows the player to get the ideal desired unit from the accessible champion pool. The champion pool gets changed with each set, and with Set 11, Inkborn Fables, Riot Games have diminished the quantity of available units in the game.

Having a legitimate comprehension of the rolling odds and chances will allow you to spend your gold successfully, and guarantee that you don't waste it using pure guesswork. Albeit a great deal of guesswork is required when you roll for champions, yet in the event that you have a decent understanding  of the rolling mechanic, and study the outline and this article, it'll lelp you roll better.

Leveling System Receives Changes in TFT Set 11

Set 11 has changed the XP required to level up at each stage, and we have detailed all of them below. Along with changes to the XP requirements, Riot games has also made several changes to the champion in Set 11, Inkborn Fables. Along with a slew of other changes to the champion pool and rolling odds, players have been enjoying playing the current set, which is live on PBE servers so far.

  • Level two to three: XP is two
  • Level three to four: XP is six
  • Level four to five: XP is 10
  • Level five to six: XP is 20
  • Level six to seven: XP is 36
  • Level seven to eight: XP is 48
  • Level eight to nine: XP dropped from 80 to 72
  • Level nine to 10: XP dropped from 84 to 72

TFT Set 11 Champion Pool

How many champions are there in the TFT Set 11 champion pool? Understanding the chapions in each level is imperative to your rolling strategy in the world of Teamfight Tactis. We've detailed between the entire champion pool in TFT Set 11, the number of champions in each tier within the pool. The article details all the drop rates for each champion within the pool. We will update this article when we receive more information regarding the entire champion pool in TFT Set 11, which is currently out for testing on PBE servers.

  • Tier 1 contains 13 champions. 22 of each champion in the pool.
  • Tier 2 contains 13 champions. 20 of each champion in the pool.
  • Tier 3 contains 12 champions. 17 of each champion in the pool.
  • Tier 4 contains 12 champions). 10 of each champion in the pool.
  • Tier 5 contains 9 champions). 9 of each champion in the pool.

Best Stages to Level up in TFT Set 11

TFT rolling chances determine the most times where you have a better oppurtunity to level up and roll for units. The units will later on further design your ‘endgame’ comp.

Here is a standard level-up guide for TFT Set 11 before PBE testing.

  • Level four: Stage 2-1
  • Level five: Stage 2-5 or Stage 2-3 if seeking three-cost champions after the carousel
  • Level six: Stage 3-2
  • Level seven: Stage 3-5
  • Level eight: Stage 4-1 or Stage 4-5
  • Level nine: Stage 5-1
  • Level 10: Stage 6-1

Teamfight Tactics Set 11, Inkborn Fables, is currently out for testing on PBE servers, and fans who wish to preview the new set can sign up for a PBE account and try out the new set. The upcoming set is slated for full-fledged live-server release on March 20, 2024. Set 11 will release with Patch 14.6 on Wednesday, March 20.

For the full Teamfight Tactics schedule for 2024, fans can click here. Follow us here on ESTNN for the latest TFT news, guides, and updates.

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