TFT: Riot Games To Change Item Drop Variance System With Patch 14.3

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TFT: Riot Games To Change Item Drop Variance System With Patch 14.3

Game Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has revealed the upcoming changes to the Teamfight Tactics item drop variance system arriving with TFT Patch 14.5.

“Over the years, we've found more and more successful systems that have successfully added this variance. Augments and Portals right now especially change up each game in unique ways, and the combinatorics mean there are so many potential unique experiences. The shop alone accomplishes this in a big way as well” said Riot Mortdog in the comprehensive post on Twitter AKA X.

TFT Patch 14.3

The Item drop variance changes will arrive with Patch 14.5, but players should see a few changes starting from Patch 14.3, which is slated to arrive next month in February 7.

The TFT Remix Rumble Championship is slated run for a total of three days, from March 1 to March 3. The system item drip overhaul was earlier planned for Patch 14.4, but with the Remix Rumble championship finale slated to be played on that patch, it “made sense” to delay the release overhaul to the next update in the chronology.

According to Game Designer Stoehen Mortdog Mortimer, the absolute clean slate wipe of gold drops will “leave the overall system a bit more bland than we'd like, but for 2 patches late into the set and to help competitive integrity, the trade-off is worth it.

Riot Mortdog also added that the game will feature several “surprise” changes into the system overhaul, most of them largely unexpected, but will make the game more promising and the new system change aims to fulfil Riot's intent to allow players to have more fair matches but still variant game experiences.

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In Patch 14.3 the Teamfight Tactics team will take the current system and lower it's max item variance from 2 to 0. The short version of this includes is that all players will always have the same number of item components, and essentially gold starts will be gone.

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