Tekken 8’s Release Date Leaked Online

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Tekken 8’s Release Date Leaked Online

The release date for Tekken 8 has apparently been leaked online on Twitter. Here’s what we know about it

Ever since the announcement of the famous fighting game, Tekken 8 was made, fans have been on the edge of their seat waiting for the official release date. Fortunately for them, a leak has been made online regarding the release date of the game. The initial announcement for Tekken 8 was made in September 2022 with a trailer that you can see here. The eighth installment is going to be a high-ranking esports game, as revealed by the developers of the game. Since then, some minor leaks have been made about the game including an alleged roster leak. A new leak has appeared on the internet regarding the release date of the game and here’s what we know about it. 

Tekken 8’s Release Date Reportedly Leaked Online!

Tekken 8’s Release Date Leaked Online

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In a Twitter post made by the infamous and reliable “professional leaker”, Aggiornamenti Lumia, the alleged release date for Tekken 8 has been leaked. The tweet was posted to the leaker’s official Twitter account named @ALumia_Italia on August 22, 2023. Here’s the tweet that he posted on his account:

The caption for the tweet was very simple, just stating the release date of the game, which is allegedly January 26, 2024. Now, we already knew that Tekken 8 was going to be released before the Spring of 2024. It was said by the developers themselves that the game is going to be released in early 2024. This leak tells us that it will be as early as January 2024. When the professional leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia was asked how he found out this information, he posted a short reply explaining how he did it. He explained that all he did was go to the public Microsoft Store page for Tekken 8 and take a look at the release date information.

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However, the link he posted for the Microsoft Store page has since been deleted and it is nowhere to be found. This has left fans wondering whether January 26, 2024, is truly the release date for Tekken 8. Prior to this release date leak, another leak was made regarding the esports roster for Tekken 8. Apparently, the images posted in the leaked post had been taken at Tekken 8 booth at EVO 2023. The whole roster for the game was allegedly leaked in one of the images while the other showed the character Steve Fox, a British boxer fighter. That leaked post has also since been deleted before too much could be revealed from it to the public. 

Earlier this week, the developer for Tekken 8, Katsuhiro Harada had spoken up about the information leaks with a tweet on his official Twitter account. Here’s the tweet that was posted: 



He stated in the post that he is aware of all the minor information leaks and plans to take action against individual leakers. He also stated that all the leaks posted online thus far are old information and have since been changed or removed entirely. He further said that the only information that is being provided about Tekken 8 is to authorized organizations. The specific types of organizations he mentioned are localization and debugging organizations. Fans were reassured by this tweet and applauded Harada in the replies but the effect of his tweet did not last long since the release date leak is pretty major. Hence, stay tuned for more information regarding Tekken 8 because we will keep you updated!

Tekken 8’s Release Date Leaked Online
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