Teamfight Tactics: Beta Pass Returns with BP V.2!

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Teamfight Tactics: Beta Pass Returns with BP V.2!

With the success of the first Beta Pass of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games is looking to double down on their efforts to maintain the player base for the next eight weeks. Included in the pass (which is free) are weekly challenges, icons, emotes and brand-new arena chromas to customize your game even more.

In addition to the battle pass, new “Little Legends” will be integrated in the next coming weeks. The new legends are the Hushtail – a fluffy fox, the Protector – a young lion and the Paddlemar – a sleepy turtle. Accompanying the Battle Pass is a host of balance changes and even new champions that can be found here!

Beta Pass Details

The Beta Pass V.2 will run from patch 9.16 until patch 9.20. Riot is predicting this to be roughly an eight-week period. During this time, you can earn experience for your pass by completed weekly and daily missions. To begin with the rewards, there will be a total of six icons, three map chromas (reskins) and four new emotes. To achieve these rewards, you will have to earn 6800 experience (XP) to unlock them. According to Riot, there will be 9280 XP available to earn over the duration of the battle pass.

Earning experience points for your pass will come in two forms. The first is the “Orb of Enlightenment”, a daily experience drop. The orb will give players 70 XP just for logging into the game and 10 additional XP for each of your next five TFT games. Players can earn a maximum of 120 XP from the orb daily.

The second way to earn experience is through weekly missions. Each week, you’ll receive 6 missions that give varying amounts of XP. As Riot illustrates in their post, two challenges will be easy to complete within a single session. Subsequently, the next two will be based on completing a certain number of matches. Lastly, the final two missions will be more difficult in comparison. As a result of this, it’ll require you do pull off a challenging achievement or bend your playstyle by forcing new rules and strategy upon you in your games. Three missions will be active at any given time and once one is completed, the next one will unlock.

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