Teamfight Tacitcs: Riot Games Announces Rise of the Elements Invitational

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Teamfight Tacitcs: Riot Games Announces Rise of the Elements Invitational

Today, Riot Games announced that they're partnering with Red Bull to host their first official Teamfight Tactics tournament. It will be a two-day event where 16 top players, streamers and community icons compete for up to $15,000. The invitees are as follows:


  1. itsHafu
  2. Scarra
  3. dogdog
  4. Disguised Toast
  5. Reckful
  6. Kibler
  7. SuperJJ
  8. Sologesang
  9. becca
  10. Keane
  11. ik4rus
  12. sasa
  13. Rakin
  14. Holythoth
  15. Duende


  1. Lothar
  2. Phreak
  3. MarkZ
  4. Ovilee

Earlier this year Riot Games said they would be promoting Teamfight Tactics as an esport and this is their first step to do so. Though there was a Twitch Rivals tournament, the Rise of the Elements Invitational will help to legitimize the game as an esport. The event will take place in “an arena specifically built and designed for TFT” too, which will be quite interesting to see and shows Riot's dedication to its esport potential.

The format of the event revolves around points. On the first day, 16 players are split into two groups and will play five matches to accumulate points. In addition to placements, there will be special challenges that will net players more points. The top four point earners in each group will then move on to Day Two. At this stage, the remaining eight players will battle until one of them has earned three wins. The one that manages to do that will walk away with the grand prize of $15,000.

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Those interested in watching the tournament can tune into the LoL Esports YouTube channel to get access to an in-game mystery emote. Otherwise, viewers can choose to watch it on the LoL Esports Twitch channel or any of the participating streamers' channels.

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