Team Liquid Race to World First Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Event Announced

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Team Liquid Race to World First Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Event Announced

Team Liquid has announced their plans for the Race to World First (RWF) for WoW Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates.

It feels like forever ago when we were all gathered around the Twitch campfire to watch the top raiders battle it out for the RWF title. It was, in fact, back in March 2022 that Echo claimed the title in the Sepulcher of the First Ones. After a mammoth 19 days of raiding. Now, Team Liquid is here to reveal their plans for the first raid in Dragonflight; Vault of the Incarnates

Team Liquid takes aim at the title

Having lost the title at the end of Shadowlands, Team Liquid is going big once again to secure its spot. The NA guild will begin its event on December 13th as they battle it out to complete the Vault of the Incarnates.

Team Liquid will host 40+ raiders from their Alienware Training Facility in Santa Monica, California. The Liquid Guild will be given the full support of the facility as they look to give themselves the best possible chance. The facility has room for the full core roster, plus space for those in the auxiliary roles who might need to jump in. A chef will also be on hand for the duration of the event to provide the team with the best possible food.

Team Liquid Race to World First – The Broadcast and talent

The event will be broadcast on the Team Liquid Twitch channel. It won't just be raiding, however, with the Liquid Morning Show kicking things off every day, before Liquid After Dark closes out the broadcast. A handy microsite has also been set up for fans who want even more information about the Team Liquid RWF event.

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As for talent, Team Liquid has put on an all-star cast live from the venue: Naguura, Eiya, Meeix, Kalamazi, Xyronic, Preheat ,JetKams. Host will swap and change during the event, as a number of them will be taking part in their own personal guild activities.

Liquid Sponsor Spotlight

Obviously, events like this don't come cheap. So Liquid has lined up a number of helping hands to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

Below is information taken from a press release provided by Team Liquid

Coinbase – Presenting Partner:

Coinbase – returns as Presenting Partner bringing fans custom segments throughout the event and featuring prominently on broadcast, merchandise and social content. Custom segments will include pre-recorded player features, turning the spotlight on fan favorites Adeen, THD and Imfiredup. Coinbase will present the Winning Pull instant replays and highlights throughout the live broadcast and post-event collateral, including Boss Kill and Boss Guide videos that will live on YouTube and serve players in their pursuits through the new expansion.

Supporting Partners:

Thorne – Team Liquid Director of Performance Chang-Hyun Ko. Will create a customized regimen of Thorne supplements for the raiders, allowing Liquid Guild to optimize peak performance throughout the Race

Secretlab – During RWF, you'll see Secretlab sponsoring the segment Hot Seat of the broadcast, where we interview raiders on all days and get their hottest insights, and some spicy questions

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Honda – Honda will present MVP of the Day, a broadcast segment for Race fans showcasing daily highlights and top performers. Honda also is turning the fan experience up a notch with the Boss Progression Tracker, an overall tally of all competing teams and their status, as they race to defeat the up-to-11 in-game bosses and toward victory

Kingston Technology – Kingston will power the guild throughout the event with their line of Kingston Fury DRAM

MonsterMonster Energy will be fueling our guild as they compete throughout the raid and supporting our hosts on The After Show, a segment for fans who want even more Race to World First content. The After Show will provide a place for viewers to wind down directly after the main broadcast while our hosts discuss the team's progress and have a few laughs.  

Alienware – Raiders will compete using top-of-the line Alienware Aurora R13 and R14 PCs. All inside the Alienware Training Facility.

We will have more information about the remaining RWF events as we get them.

Team Liquid Race to World First Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Event Announced
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