Team Heretics vs Team BDS LEC Spring 2024 Playoffs: Predictions, Livestream Schedule, and More

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Team Heretics vs Team BDS LEC Spring 2024 Playoffs: Predictions, Livestream Schedule, and More

The battle of the middle of the pack, Team Heretics vs Team BDS provides either team an opportunity to take a step above the rest of the roster.

The 2024 LEC Spring Playoffs have started yesterday! Karmine Corp and Rogue have started their extended vacation, but the 8 best teams are still in it to win it! Fnatic made an example out of GIANTX on Saturday, while Team Vitality struggled a bit versus SK Gaming, but managed to pull off the win.

On Sunday, G2 Esports face MAD Lions KOI in the rematch of the Winter Grand Finals, while Team Heretics will try to solidify their position as a top team against Team BDS. However, the Swiss squad is also looking to get back to their Winter form after some setbacks in the Regular Split.

Team Heretics vs Team BDS Preview

Team Heretics

Heretics almost managed to get first place in the Regular Split, but after a series of unfortunate events, they ended up 4th in the 4-way tie of the 6-3 teams. However, Zwyroo and Trymbi joining the team helped them immensely. The Polish LEC rookie has given way to the other players to shine, while Trymbi is the shotcaller Team Heretics needed (but actually didn’t deserve after not picking him up straight at the start of the season).

LEC 2024 Spring Schedule, Standings and How to Watch

Team Heretics vs Team BDS

However, team heretics had a nice First Tower and an okay First Blood percentage, while Wunder and Flakked stepped up tremendously in the Regular Season.

Team BDS

BDS’s winter run ended abruptly. After they almost got first place in the regular split, they finished 4th in the Playoffs. They also had to play without one of their key members, Adam – who returned in the Spring Split. However, team BDS was not as dominant as they used to be, and they only had one style: getting Ice on a hypercarry and letting him scale into the lategame.

Team Heretics vs Team BDS

Their setup is perfect for that as Adam can draw incredible amounts of attention to himself, and if Sheo works with him, they can also get ahead. Sadly, this was only enough for the 5th spot in the LEC, but BDS is still in the top half of the roster.

Team Heretics vs Team BDS Predictions

While Team Heretics is supposed to be the stronger team of the two, they feel much shakier than BDS. The Swiss team got first blood in almost every game they played, and won each one where they managed to get ahead. Team Heretics had incredible highs but some weak lows as well, with their matches also dependent on the performance of their toplaner, Wunder – but not in the same way as Adam. If Wunder can’t get ahead, Heretics is hindered, while Adam can play from behind (if he doesn’t feed).

LCS Summer Split is Returning to Bo3’s

Team Heretics vs Team BDS

However, the first match the teams played in the 2024 LEC Spring Split was won by Team Heretics. Wunder and Jankos schooled Adam in the toplane, while Flakked could scale and finish the match with a 10/0/6 Zeri and got a Quadra kill.

It really all comes down to the effectivity of toplane as both team’s gameplans usually make or break on Wunder and Adam – and we think that Team BDS will have the upper hand in the Playoffs.

How to Watch Team Heretics vs Team BDS

Team Heretics will clash with Team BDS on March 31st, Sunday. You can follow the action on, as well as the official LoLEsports YouTube channel and the LEC Twitch channel, with various co-streamers watching the match on their own channels too.

Team Heretics vs Team BDS LEC Spring 2024 Playoffs: Predictions, Livestream Schedule, and More
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