Team GO vs Los Heretics Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring

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Team GO vs Los Heretics Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring

A Herculean task falls upon the Academy roster of Team Heretics, as they have to conquer the team that looks the strongest in the tournament.

The last match of the 2023 EMEA Masters Spring Quarterfinals will be played on this Thursday, where either Los Heretics or Team GO will join SK Gaming Prime and Istanbul Wildcats in the Semi-Finals. While Team GO are the clear favourites of this derby, Los Heretics have beaten bigger odds last year, when they won the whole tournament after finishing 2nd in their group.

Team GO vs Los Heretics Preview

Team GO

The French team is considered to be among the strongest in the tournament. With a complete roster overhaul, GO went from a 7th place team to runner-up in the LFL, thanks to Jean “Jezu” Massol and Loic “toucouille” Duboius. While they were unable to beat LDLC OL in the French finals, they only suffered one loss during the Main Event of the EMEA Masters – and from Anorthosis Famagusta of all the teams. They managed to beat SK Prime and Riddle Esports twice, and the Greeks couldn’t 2-0 them either, so they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

Team GO vs Los Heretics Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring Team GO Lineup

Alongside Jezu and toucouille, Onucrcan “Ragner” Aslan is the player that Los Heretics has to keep an eye out. The Turkish toplaner is responsible for the most damage on the team (beating Jezu by .1%) with picks such as Mordekaiser and Renekton that could give Marcin “iBo” Lebuda serious trouble.

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Los Heretics

But as mentioned before, Los Heretics have beaten bigger odds than that. Hungarian jungler Subicz “bluerzor” Dániel and his team didn’t manage to win the LVP SuperLiga Spring Split, but finished Group A with a 4-2 scoreline, which was better than Movistar Riders’ W/L ratio. However, the Spanish team has failed to beat Istanbul Wildcats in the first half of the Main Event, because they failed to change up their playstyle.

Team GO vs Los Heretics The Lineup Photo of Los Heretics

While Los Heretics are certainly a strong team, with ex-G2 ADC Victor “Flakked” Lirola being the main carry of the team, they only showed one strategy they can reliably pull off: iBo, bluerzor and Artur “Zwyroo” Trojan tries to slow the game down as much as possible, while simultaneously helping Flakked scale as much as possible. But if the game races past them, they can rarely recuperate, which could be a problem against Team GO.

Team GO vs Los Heretics Predictions

As we mentioned, Team GO is a very versatile team with 3 players who can step in as the carry for the squad, so Los Heretics has to look out for Jezu, toucouille and Ragner as well. Zeri will be an incredibly important pick for the Bo5, and with GO starting on blue side, the Spanish team has to ban the pick, which means that Flakked won’t be able to play his strongest Champion. In addition, Team GO has a lot more versatility in them, which Heretics hasn’t been able to show yet, which could be the deciding factor in their elimination.

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Team GO vs Los Heretics Preview and Predictions: EMEA Masters 2023 Spring
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