Team BDS Decide To Promote Their Academy Jungler Sheo to LEC Roster

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Team BDS Decide To Promote Their Academy Jungler Sheo to LEC Roster

Team BDS continues to strengthen the LEC roster with BDS Academy players.

With the ending of the LEC Summer Split, Team BDS completed their first season in Europe’s premier league. Unfortunately for the organization, it wasn’t the best of seasons. They finished the Summer in tenth place, a downgrade from Spring Split’s ninth-place finish. But aside from their placement, both the team and organization drew heavy criticism due to bad performances and bad roster construction. Team BDS Academy, on the other hand, finished second in both LFL Splits and made the Finals in European Master 2022.

With such a strong showing from their academy, BDS took advantage quickly during this offseason and they promoted top laner Adam “Adam” Maanane to the main roster. And now his jungler Théo “Sheo” Borile will be joining him in LEC, according to a report from Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger.

Team BDS still looking for their future star

During their first year in LEC, Team BDS tried to go with a younger, and cheaper, roster and tried to find some gems in the proverbial dirt. This did not work out in Spring, as the only player that shined was the jungler Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki, including Adam himself. Summer was much worse. BDS made two roster changes, one of them being sending Adam to LFL, and the only result was that even Cinkrof looked bad during the split.

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So they now try again with young talent. While he is not the best jungler in EU Masters, or in LFL, Sheo was still a great prospect and deserved this chance in the big leagues. And he really had good synergy with Adam, who was probably one of the most dominant top laners in the ERLs. This third iteration of Team BDS can a higher potential than last year, but of course, it will be heavily dependent upon their bot side of the map as well.

Team BDS Decide To Promote Their Academy Jungler Sheo to LEC Roster
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