Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Preparing for Wipe

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Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Preparing for Wipe

The latest Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 is here. While it's a small patch as we prepare for the wipe, it's an important one as always.

Tarkov Patch 14.9.6

List of changes:

  • Added a new quest line for obtaining 2A2-(b-TG) stimulant, allowing owners of any edition to obtain this item;
  • Added a new option “Hideout zone upgrade items” to the Auto Wishlist setting, which does not include items from favorited crafting recipes, but does include everything needed to build and upgrade the Hideout;
  • Changed the position of the Wishlist button in the interaction menu and the Survey button in the bottom menu.


The new stimulant is now available for all via a quest, it has the follow effects:


900s Duration:

  • Increases Attention (+10)
  • Increases Perception (+10)
  • Increases weight limit (+15%)

900s Duration:

  • Decreases hydration recovery

The other major changes come to the Wishlist. The new option is great but the position of the icon has caused many people to misclick, so that's now been fixed. You can now also Wishlist a bunch of Hideout Upgrade items, making it easier to work out what you need to upgrade your Hideout.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed the ability to change the AI amount in PvE mode;
  • Fixed an issue where extended PMC pockets as a reward for the task chain came with a time delay;
  • Fixed the DSP radio transmitter not working correctly in PvE mode;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of armor damage in the post-raid statistics;
  • Fixed an issue with the TerraGroup Labs access keycard not disappearing after a raid in The Lab in PvE mode;
  • Fixed the “Mild muscle pain” and “Severe muscle pain” debuffs not working correctly after using the Gym in the Hideout in PvE mode.
Once Human Telephone Booth Puzzle Solution

The most interesting change here comes for players in PvE. Allowing you to change the amount of AI that spawns on a map, much like you can in the current “Custom Game” mode for EOD and Unheard owners.

When will Tarkov Next Wipe

We will get the next Wipe in August, very likely during the middle section. So at most we'll probably be waiting around four weeks from today. Expect the usual level of “pre-wide” events to go live in the coming weeks as BSG look to let people have some fun before all their items are wiped for what could be the last wipe before the 1.0 release.

That's it for now, and it's likely one of the last patches we get before the wipe

Tarkov Patch 14.9.6 – Preparing for Wipe
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