T1 Rekkles Receives Player Of The Game Award In LCK CL Debut

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T1 Rekkles Receives Player Of The Game Award In LCK CL Debut

Here is how Rekkles faired in his competitive debut for T1's Challenger roster.

It didn't take long for Carl Martin Erik “Rekkles” Larsson to hit the ground running in South Korea, with the former LEC veteran picking up the Player of the Game award in his opening match for his new organization. In the opening well of the LCK Challengers League, Rekkles suited up for his first taste of LCKCL action as T1 Esports Academy took on the Kwangdong Freecs Challengers. Rekkles jumped to Support ahead of the 2024 season, leaving behind a role he has spent a decade dominating. Despite offers from European organizations, the thought of playing in South Korea always tempted Rekkles. Thus, the Swedish veteran jumped to T1. Here is how Rekkles would get on in his debut games at Support for T1 Esports Academy.


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Ryu “Keria” Min-seok will be sweating after watching Rekkles' first game for his new organization. The Swedish star received player of the game for outstanding performance on Senna, a champion Rekkles has not always loved to play in the past. Rekkles and his new bot lane duo Sin “Smash” Geum-jae wasted no time showcasing their dominance over the KDF bottom lane. The KDF duo went aggressive onto Rekkles for being out of position, only for the T1 bottom lane to turn it around and earn a double-kill. In a lane that was already going to be tough for KDF, the pair were put on the back foot and could never recover. Rekkles and Smash were able to take turret plates at will comfortably.

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By the 11th minute, T1 Academy had already taken down the bottom lane turret, allowing Rekkles and Smash to impact the rest of the map, which was in a more even state at the time. Although it is unlikely that Rekkles is the player pulling the strings at this stage, despite having more experience than the rest of the roster combined, he did not look out of place and looked comfortable in the role he was playing for his team. Rekkles is a ten-year veteran, and even with the likely language barrier, a player of his caliber will still have enough game sense to get about the map and be useful for his team at all game stages.

Having the advantage in the bottom lane proved to play a vital role in the match's outcome. The rest of the map was struggling to keep up with KDF, who was able to control the side lanes due to picking up six Voidgrub camps, allowing KDF to push towers at a quicker speed due to the added buffs. Rekkles and Smash could output long-range poke with Senna and Caitlyn consistently with the item advantage they had from the gold they accumulated in the bottom lane. T1 would ultimately win the game, and there was a cool moment of solidarity. As the Nexus exploded, the T1 Academy players all waved a Fnatic emote to show appreciation for their new teammate.

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T1 Rekkles emote
T1 players waving Fnatic emote.

Rekkles would receive the Player of the Game award and garner much-deserved praise from the LoL Esports community.

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