SypherPK Launches Oni Studios HQ — A Multi-Million Dollar Content Facility

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SypherPK Launches Oni Studios HQ — A Multi-Million Dollar Content Facility

SypherPK discloses the next step in his career.

Fortnite legend and popular Twitch streamer Ali ”SypherPK” Hassan has revealed the next chapter in his illustrious career—a multi million-dollar 30,000 square foot content warehouse. Hassan, who garners thousands of Twitch viewers and millions of YouTube subscribers, is a recognizable name in the content creation space.

Today, the 25-year-old posted a video named “my next chapter.” He took viewers on a tour of this massive content creation facility while outlining his roadmap for the newly established Oni Studios Headquarters.

Oni Studios Headquarters Reveal

Hassan is taking his influence and ability in content creation to the next level. He revealed Oni Studios, which he refers to as his version of an organization such as Team PWR or 100 Thieves. However, Oni Studios is not an esports brand. Instead, it’s a company and massive facility where he and a team of employees hope to help build promising streamers into the stars of tomorrow.

He painted a scenario of a rising Twitch streamer who shows a lot of promise as a content creator. While Twitch is a solid platform, there’s opportunity for growth elsewhere. Oni Studios would help creators with their videos, thumbnails, collaborations, social media presence and even launching a line of merchandise.

Hassan and his team would work closely with aspiring personalities to grow their brand and give them the tools they need to make content creation a full-time career. The facility, located in Austin, Texas, features an office and studio space. Oni Studios Headquarters offers amenities such as an arcade and basketball court to help elevate content ideas.

In the video, Hassan announced his wife – Daniela – as the CEO of Oni Studios. He attributes much of his success in content creation to her. Daniela appeared in the video, stating that their goal is to build the next wave of internet superstars. She helped expand the SypherPK brand into what is today, which now includes Oni Studios.

The Search for Content Creators Begins

To round out the video, SypherPK welcomed applicants to Oni Studios. Those interested can head over to this website to fill out a five-minute questionnaire. It could be the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone that believes in their ability to create content.

The future looks bright for the power couple, who want to revolutionize the content creation space.

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