Supermarket Simulator: Best Way to Make Money Quick and Easy

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Supermarket Simulator: Best Way to Make Money Quick and Easy

Here is the best way to make money in Supermarket Simulator and bring in real profits.

Ever wanted to run your own big superstore? Well, now you can with Nokta Games’s chill first-person simulation game, Supermarket Simulator! This game puts you in the shoes of a business manager, and you need to face all the challenges that come with the job.

That means you need to make sure your shelves are stocked, your cashiers have their tasks, and the online orders are processed, all while expanding your store to be the biggest one on the block. 

You start with a small store with a tiny storage, and as you start bringing in more profits, you get the option to make it bigger. While it sounds easy, once you get into the thick of it, keeping your business afloat can become quite tricky.

But don’t worry; we’re here to share our secrets! In this article, we’ll talk about the best and easiest ways you can make money fast in Supermarket Simulator. Let’s get started!

Best Way to Make Money in Supermarket Simulator

The early stages of the Supermarket Simulator are crucial. You have little capital to work with, and turning revenue into profit can be quite challenging with such a small store.

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Here are a couple of tips to make it easier for you to turn a profit when you start a new game:

1. Check Customer Demands

Early on, you want to make sure you’re stocking items based on your customers’ needs. Since your capital is low at this point, you don’t want to go for luxury products yet. Check the daily sales after each day and see which product is selling more. 

The basic laws of supply and demand apply here. If a product is in high demand, make sure you have it stocked so your customers can buy from you.

2. Stock Essential Products

Prioritize going for essential products instead of expensive products during the early stages of the game. Products such as eggs, bread,  flour, etc, will always bring in customers. When you have a bit more capital to work with, toilet paper and potatoes will also bring in a lot of profits.

Don’t focus on expanding and buying furniture, such as shelves, in the early game. Once you start raking in profits, you can focus on expanding and increasing your storage.

3. Hike Up the Prices

Nobody loves buying products at high prices, but hey—you’re running a business, after all. So, as long as your customers aren’t complaining, feel free to raise the prices of some of your popular, highest-selling products.

For example, if a product costs $3 at the market, you can probably sell it for $3.50 or $3.70 without much issue. You may lose some of your customers, but you also need to sell fewer products to make a profit.

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For some products, you can even hike the price up by a dollar or two if you’re lucky. However, don’t overprice to the extent that you start losing customers. The trick is to find the right balance between profit and customer satisfaction.

4. Buy in Bulk

As you expand your store and start stocking popular items on the market, you’ll find yourself paying a lot of shipping fees. To save some money, it’s best to place one big order to restock items rather than multiple small ones. That way, your shipping fees will be much lower. 

Supermarket Simulator may seem a bit unforgiving at first, but when you learn the basics of managing your business, things start running like clockwork. Hopefully, our tips on making money can make the early stages of the game easier for you. Good luck!

Supermarket Simulator: Best Way to Make Money Quick and Easy
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