Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Yoster Island

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Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Yoster Island

Super Mario RPG is a treasure trove of exploration and discovery, much like any other fantastic role-playing game. Throughout the many game zones, there are Super Mario RPG hidden chests, which are a type of collectible. Out of all of them, 29 to be precise, some may be difficult to locate, while some may be simple. Our recommendation is to start your search for Toad in the basement of the Mushroom Kingdom store. When he gets closer, he will give you a signal ring to let you know where the Super Mario RPG hidden chests are.

Super Mario RPG Yoster Island hidden chests

After exploring the Pipe Vault area to find the two Super Mario RPG hidden chests that can be acquired, the next place you need to go is Yosterl Island. Luckily for you, in this area, there is only one hidden chest to collect, and it is also very easy to find, so you will have to spend very little of your time in this area of the map.

In any case, to be able to collect the only Super Mario RPG hidden chest present in this area, all you have to do is go to the place where the save box is located, right in the adjacent arena where you can see a “GOAL” writing on the race track. Once you are in position, all you need to do is jump to the left of the save box to get this collectible and a Frog Coin. And that's it for this area. Now you are ready to continue to collect the other Super Mario RPG hidden chests in the game.

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Super Mario RPG hidden chests

Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Yoster Island
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