Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Rose Town

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Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Rose Town

As with any good role-playing game, Super Mario RPG is full of things to find and explore. Super Mario RPG hidden chests are one type of item that can be found in various game zones. There are a total of 29, and while some are obvious, others could be hard to find. Thus, our first piece of advice would be to head over to the Mushroom Kingdom store and head to the basement to have a conversation with Toad. When a Super Mario RPG hidden chest is approaching, he will give you a signal ring to alert you to the location.

Super Mario RPG Rose Town hidden chests

After collecting the only hidden chest found in the Bandit Way area, it's time to continue towards another area of the game and head towards Rose Town. In this area, there are two Super Mario RPG hidden chests, not too many of which are difficult to find, so you shouldn't have any particular problems. To collect the first one, you will have to go to the item shop, which is located on the right side of town. Once you enter, all you have to do is go behind the counter and jump onto the shelf behind it. This is where the first of two Super Mario RPG hidden chests containing a Frog Coin is found.

The second hidden chest found in Rose Town is also quite easy to find. In this case, you will have to head towards the upper left corner of the map, where there is a house sitting right on a cliff that seems to be inaccessible. However, things are often not as they seem. This hidden chest can be accessed simply by jumping on Toad's head in order to use it as a sort of springboard to enter the house. Once this is done, what you will have to do is go upstairs, where the bedroom is located, and jump on the bed to get the second of the Super Mario RPG hidden chests found in this area, obtaining another Frog Coin.

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Super Mario RPG hidden chests

Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Rose Town
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