Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Marrymore

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Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Marrymore

Like any other amazing role-playing game, Super Mario RPG is a fantastic place to explore and learn new things. Super Mario RPG hidden chests are a kind of collectible that can be found strewn throughout the various game zones. Actually, there are forty-nine of them. Some might be hard to find, while others might be easy. We advise starting your hunt for Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom store's basement. You can locate the Super Mario RPG hidden chests by following him around until he gives you a signal ring.

Super Mario RPG Marrymore hidden chests

After collecting all the Super Mario RPG hidden chests found in the Booster Tower area, it's time to collect the ones found in Marrymore. To be precise, in this area, there will only be one hidden chest to find, so it will be a very quick action and will not take up much time, so that you can also focus on collecting other Super Mario RPG hidden chests scattered around the game world or facing post game bosses.

In any case, to be able to collect the hidden chest found in Marrymore, you will simply have to go to the place where the Marrymore Hotel is located and go up to the second floor of the hotel. Once there, jump on the pink flowers and climb onto the platform to their left to collect the only hidden chest found in this area, acquiring another Frog Coin that you will add to your collection. And it's all here. This is one of the easiest Super Mario RPG hidden chests to find. Now you are ready to continue and hunt for all the other hidden chests that are hidden in the game world.

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Super Mario RPG hidden chests

Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Marrymore
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