Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Coming This Week

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Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Coming This Week

The spotlight will be on Super Mario Bros. Wonder with its very own Direct happening later this week

August 31 is the date to remember for Mario fans, as Nintendo is putting forth a special Direct event solely spotlighting Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The stream kicks off at 10am ET (3pm BST) and is slated to continue for around 15 minutes. Don't forget to tune in to the event on the official Nintendo YouTube channel.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: When Is It Coming?

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Coming This Week

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Ready to launch on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Bros. Wonder brings forth a thrilling 2D side-scrolling adventure. In addition to fan-favorites Mario, Luigi, and Toad, players can also dive into the action as Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, and Yoshi.

A mere few months back, on June 21, Nintendo treated fans to their most recent Direct event. It was during this event that the world was finally introduced to Super Mario Bros. Wonder, putting an end to weeks of rampant rumors, leaks, and widespread speculation. While there hasn't been a wealth of information about the game since then, ardent fans have been meticulously examining its trailer and any released footage in hopes of uncovering subtle clues and delightful Easter eggs.

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A Brand New Power Unleashed

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a fresh power-up for Mario, allowing him to transform into Elephant Mario. With the inclusion of a local four-player co-op functionality, the gameplay experience is enhanced. While the particulars of online play are still pending, there's a chance that these details might be unveiled in an upcoming Nintendo Direct. Additionally, the question of who will voice Mario in the game remains unanswered, as Nintendo has confirmed that the iconic voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, won't be part of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Trailer: Tribute To A Classic Anime & Fan Favorite Character Introduced

Among the more eccentric and specialized revelations was a nod to the anime-affiliated movie “Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen!” (also known as “Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach”). Echoing the timeless Mario story structure, the film revolved around Peach's abduction, spurring Mario and his sibling Luigi into action to effect her rescue.

This narrative introduced a character named Haru, the prince of the Flower Kingdom, who was manipulated by Bowser into being transformed into a dog, serving as a substitute for him in marrying Peach. Interestingly, the Super Mario Bros. Wonder trailer unveils a game level featuring the tagline, “Welcome to the Flower Kingdom!”

The trailer also brought to light that Super Mario Bros. Wonder will introduce Daisy to the mainline game series—a development that has been a long-anticipated occasion and has swiftly prompted celebrations among fans. 

Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct Coming This Week
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