Suicide Squad Game Pass: Is the Game Coming on it?

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Suicide Squad Game Pass: Is the Game Coming on it?

The wait is almost over. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is about to officially land on the market (even if some were able to get the game early thanks to pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition). But is it available on Game Pass? This is one of the questions (“Suicide Squad Game Pass”) that many have started to ask. For this reason, we decided to create this article, in which we answer this question, so that you no longer have any doubts about it.

Is Suicide Squad Coming to Game Pass?

No. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is not currently available on Game Pass. WB Games is a team that has never really conformed to this policy of adding games to subscription services, at least not until the game has ended its life cycle or in cases of flops. In fact, the latest Gotham Knights, for example, was included on both Game Pass and PS Plus, precisely to try to give a second life to the game since the reception wasn't the warmest.

However, the lack of Suicide Squad within the day one subscription does not mean that the game cannot be added at a later time. In fact, it certainly wouldn't be something new that could arrive in the months to come, probably more or less within a year of its release. Obviously, at least at the moment, these are only hypotheses and we cannot say whether this will actually be the case, so we can only wait for any official news.

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For the rest, we remind you that Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League puts us in the shoes of Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang, who seek revenge in the city of Metropolis. The game is an open-world action-adventure in which you can play with a maximum of three other players (each for each available character). If you play alone, however, you can decide to change characters whenever you want. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League will be available starting February 2 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Suicide Squad Game Pass

Suicide Squad Game Pass: Is the Game Coming on it?
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