Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

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Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

Eve is more than a pretty face! Learn the best Stellar Blade combat tips to unleash her fighting prowess 

Stelllar Blade is only a day away from its official launch, but the demo has been live since March 29. Eve, the beautiful protagonist of the game, is one heck of a warrior. That said, you cannot exploit her fighting skills to the fullest without mastering the combat mechanics of the game. Since the game’s full release is right around the corner, here are some Stellar Blade combat tips that will brush up your fighting skillset substantially. Make sure to take a look before you dive into the final version of the action-adventure title. 

Best Stellar Blade Combat Tips

The Stellar Blade battle mechanics might require some getting used to, but once you settle in, it’s a pretty good time! Here are the Stellar Blade combat tips that we have managed to gather after investing hours into the game: 

Don’t Ignore the Training Simulator 

After stumbling upon a Rest Area, activate the training simulator using the Skill Settings terminal.Here, you can unleash Eve's full potential by practicing combos, maneuvers, and even techniques you haven't unlocked yet! 

This is the perfect opportunity to personalize your fighting style and tailor Eve's skillset to your preferences.  But that's not all! You can also customize your training partner's aggression. Want to test your reflexes? Set them to launch relentless attacks. Need to master your Blink ability?  Let them spam special attacks for precise dodging practice. Or, crank the difficulty up a notch and face an enemy that throws everything at you!

Unfortunately, you're limited to pinning only one combo at a time to the HUD for reference and practice. This means you have to exit the training simulator and wait out a brief black screen loading time to transition between the training environment and the game's menu. There’s a silver lining, however. During training, the game's HUD provides real-time audio cues, calling out your moves as you execute them. This allows you to focus entirely on mastering the flow of combat and effortlessly practice any technique.

Absorb Incoming Blows With Shields

Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

Credit: SHIFT UP Corporation

You can wield shields to protect yourself from enemy attacks, but so does Naytibas, the big baddie of the game. The blue shield health bar indicates the shield's strength, which decreases when hit and regenerates over time when not in combat. To maximize your attack efficacy, it's essential to break the enemy's shield using sustained attacks or the Shield Breaker Beta Skill. Minimize damage taken by allowing your shield to recharge between enemy engagements.

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Master Parries for Devastating Counters

One of the most essential Stellar Blade combat tips we have to share is to perfect your parries. Parries are more than just defensive tactics, properly executing them can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Press the L1 just before the enemy attack drops. If you can pull this off successfully, you can open up your enemies for some punishing counters. This is your chance to catch the opposition off balance and inflict some serious damage. 

Each perfect parry fills your BE gauge, powering your devastating Beta Skills. The more you parry, the more powerful your attacks become! Every parry also depletes an enemy's Stance meter, represented by those yellow dots below their health. Drain their Stance completely, and they'll be wide open for a critical blow! This is the perfect opportunity to land a Retribution attack, which should kill or critically injure the enemy. 

Learn How to Perfect Dodge

Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

Credit: SHIFT UP Corporation

If you see lights flashing before an enemy's attack, it means they're preparing an unblockable, potentially fatal strike. Forget all the Stellar Blade combat tips you’ve read until now, the thing you need to in this case is to execute a Perfect Dodge. How would you define a Perfect Dodge? It’s a dodge that you make right before the enemy hits you. A second’s miscalculation can deal a lethal blow. 

Dodging is available from the start, but to perform a Perfect Dodge, you need to unlock it in the skill tree first. The Perfect Dodge isn't just about timing. It grants you a brief window of invincibility, unlike the standard dodge. Plus, it opens up a perfect opportunity to launch a counterattack and put your foe on the defensive!

Master Incursion Combos Before Onslaught Combos 

Many of you might be seeking out Stellar Blade combat tips after seeing the long list of combos in the game. Yes, they can be a bit intimidating before you try them, but as we found out, they are pretty easy to learn. That said, we also discovered the learning curve gets gentler when you learn the Incursion combos before the Onslaught ones. Incursion combos are combos that you trigger by pressing the square button. There are four Stellar Blade Incursion combos:

  • Incursion 1: Square > Triangle > Triangle > Triangle
  • Incursion 2: Square > Square > Triangle > Triangle
  • Incursion 3: Square > Triangle > Square > Triangle
  • Incursion 4: Square > Square > Square > Triangle > Triangle
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Experiment with these moves in the training simulator, and the button indicators in the upper-right corner of the screen will show if you've executed them correctly.”

Once you've got the hang of Incursion combos, it's time to look at Stellar Blade Onslaught combos. You can access this combos by pressing the triangle button. 

  • Onslaught 1: Triangle > Triangle > Triangle
  • Onslaught 2: Triangle > Square > Square > Triangle
  • Onslaught 3: Triangle > Square > Hold Square > Triangle
  • Onslaught 4: Triangle > Square > Triangle > Square > Triangle

Run Away From Danger 

Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

Credit: SHIFT UP Corporation

This is not one of the most interesting Stellar Blade combat tips, we know, but you would find it particularly helpful once you start playing the game. Sprinting away from trouble gives you the brief window you need to recover from injuries. It’s also smart to run away from hard to deflect hits.

Get Close to the Enemy 

In most of the cases, Stellar Blade encourages players to get close to the enemy. It would definitely not be a good idea when Abaddon is hitting you with lightning strikes, but that’s one of the rare occasions in Stellar Blade where close combat is not the best path to take. Once you perfect dodges and parrries, you would be able to fend off close range enemy attacks and deliver some heavy damage. 

Pick an Exospine That Complements Your Fighting Style  

Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed

Credit: SHIFT UP Corporation

Exospines are more than just cool-looking gear – they're game-changers! These powerful pieces of equipment enhance your combat capabilities and cater to different playstyles. Certain Exospines boost your combo power, allowing you to string together attacks with even more fury! There are some that extend your parry window, giving you a precious extra split second to deflect enemy attacks and unleash a devastating counter. Each Exospine offers unique benefits, so don't hesitate to collect and experiment! Find the one that best suits your combat style and watch your skills soar.

Scan for Hidden Enemies 

We will round up our Stellar Blade combat tips list with a pretty basic trick.  Ever feel like you're walking into an ambush? Your trusty drone companion has a hidden trick up its sleeve. Hold down the touchpad to activate a recon scan. The drone scan reveals hidden enemies lurking around corners or behind cover. No more nasty surprises!

Stellar Blade Combat Tips: Best Fighting Tricks Revealed
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