Starfield Reviews Roundup

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Starfield Reviews Roundup

Since its very first announcement, Starfield has been a game that has caused much discussion. PC and Xbox Series X|S users immediately expressed their interest in the new Bethesda IP, even if always reserving some doubts. With the game releasing on September 6th (and Early Access starting tomorrow, September 1st), the time to wait for reviews is over. For this reason, in this Starfield reviews roundup article, we have decided to collect in one place some reviews of the major specialized sites. As it was possible to guess, the game was awarded by almost all the sites with very high marks, just to underline the enormous work done by Bethesda to create this new game universe.

Destructiod – 10/10

“I wasn't sure if it could be done, but Bethesda has managed to raise the bar for sandbox games even higher. In the end, Starfield is a genre-defining epic open-world RPG with a beautifully immersive universe, a captivating story, and fun and addicting gameplay the whole way. I'm so happy to have experienced Starfield organically without any spoilers, and I really hope you get to as well.” [Read full review] – Steven Mills

VGC – 10/10

“Starfield is the ultimate Bethesda game. It takes what people loved about Fallout and Skyrim, and casts it across an enormous galaxy filled with captivating characters.” [Read full review] – Jordan Middler

Attack of the Fanboy – 10/10

“Starfield is the most potent value proposition for Game Pass, being the killer app for the subscription service. It is also the best, most ambitious game in the Xbox Game Studios library to date. It would not be a stretch to say this could be one of the most ambitious games ever made, and that it followed through with many of those goals with relatively low compromise.” [Read full review] – J.R. Waugh

All Solo Leveling Arise Characters

Gaming Nexus – 9.5/10

“When they are firing on all cylinders, Bethesda games deliver pure video game magic, and Starfield is no exception. Offering an enormous galaxy to explore, a ludicrous wealth of interesting content, well-written characters, and innovative mechanics that push the genre in new directions, Starfield is a (mostly) clean experience at launch that should be experienced by all action/RPG fans. This is a new classic.” [Read full review] – Eric Hauter


We Got This Covered – 9/10

“Starfield may not shake Bethesda’s legendary formula as much as some players wanted, but it defies all but the most unreasonable expectations. Newcomers will easily lose themselves in the universe, and fans of the studio won’t be disappointed. Starfield easily joins Fallout 4 and Skyrim as a titan of a game that will continue to enthrall players long after its release.” [Read full review] – Ash Martinez

Wccftech – 9/10

“With an engaging story, well-developed characters and lore, and a huge amount of meaningful content, Starfield is one of Bethesda's finest games and one of the best role-playing games released in the past few years.” [Read full review] – Francesco De Meo

Prima Games – 9/10

“Starfield is a good game, like a really good game. It embodies the spirit of Manifest Destiny in a way that no other open-world game has ever come close to approaching. It’s a game that’s meant to be played slowly over the course of months, if not years. And even then, you shouldn’t expect to uncover every little detail.” [Read full review] – Daphne Fama

Once Human Tactical Laser Sight and Extended Brake Location Guide – 8/10

“My opinion of Starfield is overall high despite what my many criticisms might suggest. It's a Bethesda RPG, and even Bethesda's middling options blow competitors out of the water when it comes to choice and freedom, so Starfield was always going to be a success. Whether it's enough of a success to uplift Xbox and make someone buy a new console is another discussion, but Starfield itself is perfectly competent and – dare I say it – fun, and even the most frustrating moments were unable to deter me from wanting more.” [Read full review] – Tanner Dedmon

PCGamesN – 7/10

“Starfield is a true behemoth of an RPG, and in many ways it's the logical endpoint of Bethesda Game Studios' well-worn formula. However, its massive scope pushes this formula to the absolute limit and the cracks begin to show, from feature creep to the stop-start nature of its exploration. Dedicated Bethesda fans are sure to get their fill, but this interstellar adventure never leaves the atmosphere.” [Read full review] – Nat Smith

Digital Trends – 7/10

“Starfield isn’t the generation-defining video game that overeager fans might be expecting; it’s a fairly typical, though impressively constructed Bethesda RPG where depth and stability often come at the expense of scope. The surprisingly limited base adventure isn’t so much the draw here, though. The enormous intergalactic playground feels custom-made for modders who want to explore the infinite possibilities of space just as much as Constellation and Bethesda itself.” [Read full review] – Giovanni Colantonio


Starfield Reviews Roundup
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