Starfield Q&A: What Do People Think About It?

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Starfield Q&A: What Do People Think About It?

A few days ago, Bethesda decided to induce a Strafiel Q&A on Discord, to answer some of the fans' questions, in order to both remove any doubts about some features present in the game, but also to give new ideas for discussion. The entire Q&A can be found entirely transcribed in our article, while here we have decided to collect some of the rigorous opinions in one place. If you too are curious to find out what other players think of what has been revealed, we invite you to continue reading this article.

What do people think about the Starfield Q&A?

The element that caused the most uproar is the fact of being able to buy houses in every city, both positively and negatively. Let's explain better. From what emerges from our survey conducted on Reddit (here is the link to the complete thread), many users were amazed to discover that in Starfield it will be possible to buy houses (and decorate them), implicitly revealing how many of them, most likely, do not have ever played other Bethesda games, since this is a feature also present in their other productions (someone said Skyrim?).

For this reason, there are also many users who, in turn, said they were surprised at the fact that many people were surprised by this thing, underlining precisely how it is not an innovative feature, but only a reuse of something already present in other games. Consequently, the confirmation of this possibility of buying houses has not shaken part of the fandom, which considers it the basis for a Bethesda game.

Another aspect that has raised several points of discussion is the fixed economy that will be present in the game. Some have said they are happy with the fact that Bethesda has decided to use this type of approach (also referring to the one-off salaries that will be due to their companions), which will allow the game to be a little more accessible and without too many headaches. at least from this point of view. Many, however, have criticized this choice of the software house to simplify the economy of the game, considering themselves a bit disappointed by what emerged in the recent Q&A. However, there are those who have not lost heart and have immediately cited and placed their hopes in the community of modders who will surely think of something to get around this “problem”.

As for the companions, Bethesda has confirmed that there will be the possibility to recruit 20+ named companions in the game, with the “main” four belonging to the Constellation faction. If, in principle, this news has been received favorably, there is that it would have guaranteed greater diversity for this aspect, and not having the main companions all linked to the same faction. However, the game will allow you to employ other NPCs in the game in your base or ship, even if they don't have backgrounds or anything specific to say.

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From here it follows that some users have expressed some doubts about the fact that a single character can be used to complete all the missions, although they are linked to different factions and perhaps in opposition to each other. There are those who have highlighted how this is an excellent thing, but at the same time they hope that there will be repercussions (minor or major) on the game; namely, that a faction might become hostile if you complete missions for an enemy faction, or vice versa. At the moment, we don't know if this thing will actually be present in the game, but it is certainly an interesting starting point and that would not hurt in a game like Starfield.

Furthermore, many users said they were surprised and enthusiastic about what was said regarding the parent's origin. Bethesda has confirmed that the faces of your parents in-game will be recreated based on those of your character and that there will be interactions between us and our parents. These claims sparked a long discussion about it, with many people giving their opinion about it. Many have wondered whether parents will react to our choices and whether or not they will be proud of them. Furthermore, there are also those who have raised the question of whether or not you will have the possibility to choose, for example, to have a single parent or if you will have a more “standard” approach.

Another aspect that has created much discussion has been that of religions. Many, initially, had not taken this aspect too much into consideration, considered secondary in a game like Starfield, but after the explanation given during the Q&A, many changed their minds and stated that it is actually a very interesting feature. The developers have confirmed that in addition to the three religions invented just for the game, the real ones will also be represented, just to maximize the level of inclusion. There are, of course, some perplexities in this regard such as whether or not there will be the possibility of doing missions related to religion in order to discover more information on the background, but the development team has not said a word about it.

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The developers later confirmed that in-game time will not pass when the game is not actively playing. This is a feature that has mostly received positive feedback from the community, as many don't like the fact that they miss out on things that might happen in the game just because they aren't actively playing. So in that sense, the fact that time doesn't flow anyway is a feature that, at least for the moment, is proving to be appreciated by players.

Also during the Q&A, the developers mentioned the fact that it will be possible to use non-lethal weapons, even if they cannot 100% guarantee that they will be able to make a 100% pacifist run. This information made many fans happy who wanted and hoped that the development team would implement this possibility, precisely to make their stay in the world of Starfield as pacifist as possible and thus avoid ending up in prison. Why yes, it has also been confirmed that in Starfield you can end up in prison. This confirmation has unanimously made players happy, who were also hoping for this feature and Bethesda has hit the mark by giving players exactly what they wanted.

Finally, many questions came up that players would have liked the development team to answer during the Q&A, such as whether it is possible to buy multiple houses in the same city, and some clarification on pets, but the most popular question is related to how the flight works. At the moment, there isn't much information about the flight system in Starfield. Is it possible to fly freely throughout the Starfield universe? Only in the same system? Only on the same planet? Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to these questions.

Many users have launched into speculation of all kinds by saying their opinion. What seems to be the most popular is that in Starfield it could be possible to travel freely only on the same planet and not between different planets. Although many prefer the possibility of being able to move freely within the same system, there are those who have underlined the fact that this could not be possible and that it would take a lot of time, given the vast size of the systems. For this reason, many have opted to say that there will be the possibility of free flight on the planet and, probably, its moons, but to travel to other systems, the mechanics of jumping will be needed.


Starfield Q&A: What Do People Think About It?
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